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  1. 2 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    She looks great dressed up, her little mink coat is adorable and I’m glad she’s out having fun.

    And come on guys, she’s almost 40. Keep it cute.

    Yeah, wearing the skin that belonged to a living being that was brutally murdered is SO FUCKING CUTE. I will NEVER understand what the f**k is wrong with people. Where is the empathy!?


    She’s turning more and more into what I cant stand. Just another J.Lo, Rihanna and Beyonce, but then filled with sloth and disrespect for her audience. 


    Fame has consumed her. Sure she’s shy and anxious, but she’s just another empty rat and even turned talentless. 


    And OF COURSE her fans will care more about someone saying the truth about her than caring more about morals. 

  2. On 28-11-2017 at 12:52 AM, BritintheZone said:

    Who says she wasnt? :bichpls:

    you gonna believe a ex of hers who probably got some fame from “taking britneys virginity” :hairflip:

    this. who says she wasn't. I can imagine that she was a virgin at that moment. she talked about losing her viginity with justin two years into the relationship in W magazine 2003 (i think it was W magazine) . but the question was really creepy and its actually no ones business. i cant imagine having grown up in such pedo business didnt do her any damage.

  3. Love that question. We should discuss all her other work and if we view it as light or dark, or maybe even dim haha

    I see it as light, although I see Britneys verse, especially the first one in the beginning of the song before Will.i.am has to say a few words in it, as dark. It's just so dominant and the accent gives it another twist.. also the way she says "their watching us", the words US, with a crack and echo in it, like the grudge or something. Sounds sort of demonic.

  4. Its not right if Fe would sign stuff like that and im not sure she would participate in stuff like that. Looks like Britneys quick handwriting to me. Dont let it be ruined for you just because someone says its Fe. You got Britneys signature, enjoy it. Tip: dont share things like that on exhale, they’ll tak every little bit of happiness out of you