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  1. you have to let go of this whole "dated" thing though. its only normal and natural for things to become dated. doesnt mean its bad. you cant expect stuff from the 90's to somehow sound like now and you shouldnt want to. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Applejack said:

    I willingly can let out all the other pop/rock performers I admire (Madonna, Janet, Britney, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Bowie).

    Bey's on top right now, she's the top performer right now, but I wouldn't equate her skills to MJ AT ALL. I still wouldn't say she had the same impact on pop as Madonna, Prince and Janet did. Or as James Brown, Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, and even Elvis lmao. She needs time. 

    “And even elvis lmao” ?? Do you even know who u are talking about


    i f**king hate this forum, i really need to block this page and find another britney forum. 

  3. WOW OK. That was pathetic and even disrespectful just like that idiot Tony Benett saying Gaga will be remembered like Elvis.. surreee had trouble staying relevant five years into her career but sure she will be remembered like a man who’s one of the best selling artists even 40 years after he died, the one who started it all, etc etc.

    we gonna offend icons now? And is the new generation born after 2000 gonna follow that crap? Urgh. Bye


    wether you like beyonce or not, yes, shes GREAT! But no way better than MJ in any way. She wishes! 



  4. 1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:

    I chose the second option, but it's a mixture of the first three.

    Of course there is nostalgia, because how could I don't feel that when the best times of my childhood and teenage years were soundtracked (is that a word? :rude2me:)  by Britney music. I even have great memories of the BJ era.

    I'm happy with her currently? Yes I am, because leaving the breakdown aside, after the FF era I thought everything was gonna go downhill from there. I would've never imagined the progress she made in the following years, or that she would perform again songs like Oops, Crazy, Lucky, Stronger, or the award shows performances she's done, the photoshoots, the amazing music she's released up til Glory. I miss "the old Britney" of course, but I really had learned to love this new Britney as well.

    Hopeful for the future? Well, yes. Not that I think she's gonna go back to her old self, but I'm always expecting something new. I wanna hear her new music, watch her new performances, videos (I hope someday she starts releasing more videos per album) photoshoots, interviews, etc. I've learned not to expect big things from her, when you have big expectations the meltdowns are incredible, so I just learned to be here for whatever she decides to release, and I'll be happy because I love her and everything that she does. 


    I've been a fan since I was 5. I'm about to turn 25 in June. How could I possibly stop following her now? Britney and Pokémon have been part of my life since forever, and they have continuously given me new stuff over the years, so I don't see how that will ever end.   :beynah:

    Haha a pokemon and britney fan! Love it and love your post

  5. 21 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    lmao at all of these "she is not attending an event!" comments. She knows there are paparazzi out there, she knows that these pictures will end up on the internet and magazines and she cant even manage basic things like brushing her hair? Am I the only one who thinks that these types of pictures in combination with of all the behind the scenes comments that we have heard about Britneys terrible hygene (that we laughed at and thught were fake at the time) are a little worrying?? I mean I applaud her IDGAF attitude but come on, showering and brushing your hair isnt that much of a task. you dont have to run around in gowns and with perfect hair and makup to look put together.



    literally one person said that and that was me.

  6. I think Overprotected is a little too real right now to sing. My prerogative, i dont know. Its not very performancy... and as for HIAM, it might just not make the setlists because of the other songs, we dont know.

  7. On 5/3/2018 at 7:27 PM, The Greatest Show said:

    Sure she could get a sponsor. Maybe thats why she signed with Oreo but look at that cheap music video. She needed something huuge. If she cant evven spend money on her big comeback single I doubt she will for a small venue tour.

    Cheap music video? I love the style of it, why would you need 50 million more for a video like that?