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  1. Apple Emoji - 4th Post in a row

  2. I’m so nervous to meet Britney.

    Remember she is just a human. She poops and pees.
  3. Pink Comments on Britney

    Ohh okay, thank you!
  4. I accidentally refreshed the page so i gave up on everything
  5. Pink Comments on Britney

    She’a a Trump supported? Really? I wouldnt expect that from someone who’s all about fighting against animal cruelty, equality and always so kind etc (well these days).
  6. I love the sexy wild hair, but yes i agree on the face but thats what u get from bad plastic surgery and raccoon make up
  7. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    me too, i guess we've been lurking here for 10 years lol
  8. Jordan posts fake meet and greet photo on Instagram

    That's not Jordan? Her face is edited, that doesn't mean the pic is fake. No, the Britney is not taken from the other pic, it's not exactly the same pose, but yes in the past Jorden did photoshop himself into a pic with Britney.
  9. Agree with this. I love Lana but expected a more interesting choice from her. I know she loves Britney.
  10. Find out your Blackout rank

    RANK SONG 1 Gimme More 2 Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 3 Toy Soldier 4 Break the Ice 5 Outta This World 6 Perfect Lover 7 Why Should I Be Sad 8 Freakshow 9 Heaven On Earth 10 Piece of Me 11 Hot As Ice 12 Get Back 13 Ooh Ooh Baby 14 Radar 15 Everybody ARE THERE more tumblr sites like this for all her songs, albums and stuff???
  11. actual music icons would throw up seeing a list like this
  12. very edited. my friend was there that night for a M&G and she does not look like that... she looks like the 35 year old plastic surgery of herself, far from her prime unfortunately
  13. she's getting more annoying, ungrateful and pretentious by the day, juvenile whiny little bitch. she also cares too much what others think. some artists have actually gone through very heavy sh!t while the world was bullying them and you dont hear them whining about it in such a highschool fashion.
  14. She comes across as a huge c*nt to me. Someone who behaves like sh!t and then complains about other peoples behaviour, not seeing that their behaviour is their reaction to her sh!t behaviour.

    I wonder what her vision is when she puts on those raccoon eyes and what it looks like to her in the mirror.
  16. Vmas used to be exciting, full of great artists who actually brought something new to the table. They shows even seemed more warmer in a way. Now its all very cold and nothing is new anymore.
  17. It's the POM hour

    Stupid penis show
  18. [POLL] The most annoying move on POM?

    You forgot the quick headtilt and the shocked face
  19. New Britney Shirt

    Very 90’s in every single way

    This person makes way better ones: http://instagram.com/britneybyme
  21. Current Mood

    I think she enjoyed herself that night because she didnt have the pressure of doing a performance or anything