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  1. nothing is sexier than a sexy virgin to a lot of men. and her BOMT era sexuality was subtle. it was more the "i dont know that i am sexy" thing
  2. She is a huge hypocrite. She always taks about love, anti violence, equality, yet wears fox fur with the head still attached (among 19292 other things like that) and released a statement with her ugly thoughts on fur and animal cruelty, while years before lying on Ellen how she was against it. Equality, anti violence right? She contributes to one of the most barbaric torture of this world. Equality, anti violence my ass. As long as its for her own species she's fine. Pretentious piece of trash. And thats just ONE subject she's a hypocrite about.
  3. JESUS CHRIST. Are you all 12 or something? He just makes a face randomly. Period.
  4. Worst should be on the left and the improvement on the right logically... videos like this wouldnt happen in her prime..
  5. I love Lana since the start but these two new songs have been the first time I am not impressed with her work. (I was with Stargirl tho!!!) I am tired of pop music fans always bitching about the albums after Paradise. Just because it isnt (teen) pop doesnt mean its bad, i even prefer it over her first album because its more mature and less generic. Not that Lana was ever generic, but if something comes close to normal pop its probably her first album.
  6. Why not? They are generic enough. Stupid teen emo crap.
  7. And im probably the only one then i guess, but i dont think Kevin was with her for fame and money. He also didnt try to exploit her during bad times or anything.
  8. I feel like she was happy but not smart, i thibk she had some big ass lessons to learn
  9. Hahaha geeft niets hoor, aan mijn username enzo is niet te zien of ik man of vrouw ben dus maakt niks :P
  10. She* haha and yes I'm Dutch! But I do understand German. I took pics, I'll put them on tomorrow. Too tired yesterday after travel
  11. I went to Cologne, Germany and there is this "Hardrock Cafe". You have mainly all this stuff by rock legends, signed guitars, letters, photographes, wardrobe and many many more things and it has this golden plaque (im dutch, i dont even know if this is the right word) thing by it with a description. Anyway, upstars I suddenly saw this Britney Spears poster behind glas (the oops I did it again single picture promo poster for her oops tour in Frankfurt, Germany) and there was black thing next to it signed by britney. She signed her name with a heart and a smiley. The plaque said this: "No has has been more dominant in the 21th century pop music than Britney Spears. She signed this beret early in her rise to superstardom." That it was cool enough to share, I love the description on the plaque
  12. that song is generic as fyck and for an artist who acts like she's so unique and different, this is fucking lame (not that she ever actually was unique and different,)
  13. I must say that this is the first time i am actually not impressed with her stuff. Love and Lust For Life both didnt amaze me like all her other stuff did... i hope the rest of her album gives me chills like all her other stuff. I hope she wont do any collabs anymore but im fine with The Weeknd. I dont care for his stuff but their voices fit really well. I hoped for more "Stargirl Interlude" stuff since that one was breathetaking.