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  1. im always streaming the album. I have a question tho. I have a spotify premium account and I made a Playlist of Britney's whole discography including features, but I downloaded the playlist on my phone. Does playing the playlist offline will count to the overall play count of the songs when i connect online? 

    Here is the full britney discography if you like:




    PS. The Till The World Ends Femme Fatale Remix is not available in my country, :( 

  2. 12 hours ago, Onyx1126 said:

    It kind of seems like Fe could have been referring to "Something To Talk About" being added to the set list.. 

    I say this because a lot of sources, including the dancer world (which is where you get all the best gossip).. Britney has been training hard on her live abilities, including stamina training to allow her to hold air in her diaphragm opposite her breathing air from dancing. 

    Britney's been doing more & more hot mic sets. 

    I think you just misunderstood Fe saying that "Britney adding random songs like that into the set is not going to be a thing"

    That has nothing to do with her plans for B10

    whered u get that info?