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  1. I don't know how she dealt with that. I would absolutely hate my life. Not being able to just go out and grab some fast food without swarms of people taking pictures of you, following you everywhere, talking at you, and not even being able to drive your car faster than 1mph.

  2. Ok i found it on tumblr. I'm glad it didn't make an album. It's pretty bad, but I'm glad it exists. I like hearing what she was experimenting with. This sounds really different from everything else she's done, although it does show it was from the OD era. The lyrics are really bad. I honestly think OD would've been panned so bad my critics from what has leaked.

  3. BOMT, OIDIA, and Britney (besides Slave) are all super dated. ITZ and Blackout are her freshest. Circus and Femme Fatale sound dated. Glory still sounds fresh to me.

    I've noticed that all of her songs with Max Martin have aged badly. All of Martin's stuff with Katy Perry sounds really dated too. He produces (or at least used to) hits, but the hits he produces never stay fresh and don't have longevity.

  4. I think this video is underrated. People hate on it because Britney isn't actually in it, but I think it's not only really cool, but really well-done, and this is coming from someone that hates anime. It fit the song really well and fit the time period it was released in too (Kanye was doing similar visual themes of animation, Japanese themes, and futuristic, city, nighttime outrun vibes). It made much more sense than Britney being in the video too, considering she was hospitalized two months before it was released as a single.

  5. As of all of the posts above, the current rankings are:

    1. Blackout - 100 points

    2. In the Zone - 90 points

    3/4. Circus & Femme Fatale - 71 points

    5/6. Oops!...I Did It Again & Glory - 62 points

    7. Britney - 50 points

    8. ...Baby One More Time - 47 points

    9. Britney Jean - 27 points

  6. I haven't listened to it in full, but from what I've heard, It definitely has a certain quality that isn't often in her other albums. She has a lot of old songs, that while good, just sound cheap and become dated pretty quick. This album sounded more artistic, as someone above said, and just seems higher quality and more mature. It's not just an album thrown together with some current hits and the rest fillers, it's genuine and high quality.