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  1. This was just a thing for punk’d but it’s good as hell. I just wish she had this swagger back. You can just hear the confidence and attitude just in her voice. It showed in her vocals, just like it showed in her videos and performances. She was a bad bitch and she knew it. 

    Unfortunately, She’s come full circle now. She’s about as innocent and naive as BOMTney now in how she acts. 

  2. Max Martin

    • BOMT
    • (YDM) Crazy
    • OIDIA
    • Lucky
    • Stronger
    • Overprotected
    • IUSA
    • 3
    • HIAM
    • TTWE
    • IO
    • IWG
    • Criminal
    • SIWAK
    • UnD

    Bloodshy & Avant

    • MATM
    • Showdown
    • Toxic
    • MP
    • Do Somethin
    • I've Just Begun
    • Chaotic
    • Mona Lisa
    • Piece of Me
    • Radar
    • Freakshow
    • Toy Soldier
    • Unusual You
    • Phonography
    • Trouble
    • How I Roll
    • Trip to Your Heart

    From these lists, I definitely prefer B&A. From Martin, I only really listen to IUSA and IO, but that's still not frequent for me. From B&A, I listen to Toxic, Unusual You, and Trouble a LOT, but I also regularly listen to MP, Freakshow, and Toy Soldier. 

    I can recognize that Martin gave her some of her biggest hits, but the large majority of the songs he produces become dated quickly, and I just don't care to listen to regularly. FF is super dated, as are the songs off BOMT, OIDIA, and Britney that he did. ALL of the songs on that list are at least somewhat dated. 

    I think it also says something that Max Martin didn't do any work on three of the fan favorite albums (Blackout, ITZ, and Glory), while B&A worked on two of those and also gave her probably her most popular song of all time, Toxic, which could still be released today and sound fresh. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Peter Pan said:

    Breathe on Me might work now. It would've flopped in 2003/2004 but I think it could do great now. With a sexy video and actually good choreography 

    however her midtempo's never seem to chart high so maybe Get Naked, toy soldier, Better,  Change Your Mind or Love Me Down would work better.


    44 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

    preach sis... I am 110% on board with this


    On 10/2/2017 at 1:21 AM, PokemonSpears said:

    Breathe on Me would've been the perfect standalone single in early 2016, as a prelude of the Glory era. It just made sense, it had been recently included on POM, it was performed, a little bit, at the BBMAs. It sounds fresh, it sounds interesting, she even made a little thingy on her Instagram. Even a professional recording of the POM performance could've worked as the videoclip for the single (I'm here for a true videoclip of course). They shouldn't be afraid of doing "crazy" things as releasing old songs as singles. They actually save the money of recording new songs, they love saving money so I don't know why they haven't done this before.


    Crazy this song was released 14 years ago and could be released today and still sound fresh 

  4. When I first got Blackout in 2008 when I was 10, it was one of my favorites and one of the few songs I liked off the album at first. 9 years later, I almost always skip it. It's probably my least favorite song off the album.