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  1. i hadnt! She looks like literal perfection
  2. POM 2.0 What were your thoughts ?

    couldn't tell you the difference tbh
  3. Even in FF days something looked off

    THIS. anyone who was a Britney fan 2011-2012 will know how frustrating her looks were. 2016ney/Gloryney (and a few looks in 2013-2015) is when she really started looking like Britney Spears again. even if she got plastic surgery done and her face wasn't the same as before, she started looking incredible and so much better than 2011-2012. I will never complain about how she looks now because she looks so much healthier, happier, and more alive than when she did 2011-2012. vs Now, don't get me wrong, there were good and bad looks for each era, and I'll admit, I am comparing the worst of 2011-2012 to the best of 2016-2017, but you have to understand that bad looks were generally so much more common in 2011-2012. For every good look Britney had in 2011-2012, she had like 3 bad looks. Whereas, Britney has only had a couple bad looks throughout 2016-2017.
  4. it's so interesting how you can tell what era this was from without even seeing the date/title
  5. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    It gives me bad vibes and she looks like she was forced to be there
  6. Hi y’all

    Needing some love and support rn. Ended things with a guy I’ve been seeing for a while now How are you doing? What is going on in your life?
  7. Sam is only 23?

    I knew he was young but Jesus that’s the age of the guy I’ve been seeing and Britney is old enough to be my mom.
  8. Sam wears tighty whities

    I’m the opposite. I prefer boxers for comfort. I hate any type of constriction, tightness, or pressure down there, especially during summer. Boxers aren’t really sexy looking though imo. I’ll agree briefs are sexier. Boxer briefs are nice looking too imo.
  9. Hi y’all

    Some are worse than others, but they’re all necessary at times what’s going on in your life bb?
  10. Pick the album poll!

    Blackout and Glory. These are really my top 4 albums though.