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  1. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    Go back and look at any media coverage on her from 2002-2008 and you'll see why
  2. For fucks sakes, it's been 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS. Let it go.
  3. Im just glad this tweet is going viral so people aren't forgetting that Britney exists and is hot af
  4. This was just a thing for punk’d but it’s good as hell. I just wish she had this swagger back. You can just hear the confidence and attitude just in her voice. It showed in her vocals, just like it showed in her videos and performances. She was a bad bitch and she knew it. Unfortunately, She’s come full circle now. She’s about as innocent and naive as BOMTney now in how she acts.
  5. Her team could never be that smart
  6. Glory piano version

    These are all on Spotify and YouTube. Just look up “The Piano Dreamers Britney”