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  1. I didn't say nothing happened. I said it's never going to compare to all the stuff I just mentioned. She might've had a super rough time in 2010, but the world didn't know and they weren't making fun of her for it or encouraging it like they were in 2007. She was able to keep it private
  2. I think you're reaching for something that isn't there tbh
  3. Slumber Party ft. Blackbear
  4. omg t4p. someone posted a few that were on youtube before, but had no idea they nearly did the whole album. I used their version of just luv me for my cover. now I can make more
  5. I thought it was "this feeling, it won't go away"
  6. Maybe Alien for Hard to Forget Ya, but I don't think anything off BJ really fits on Glory. The best of BJ doesn't even come close to the worst of Glory.
  7. Which albums do you think fit into which seasons? For me: Spring BOMT Summer Oops Britney Femme Fatale Fall Circus Glory Winter In the Zone Blackout Britney Jean
  8. It kinda pisses me off when people say this. We have no idea what was going on in 2010. She could've just been worn out and not wanting to do FF. Even if she faced hard personal struggles during this time, I don't think anything can compare to the entire world laughing at you, encouraging your breakdown, calling you crazy while you are struggling with a divorce in the public eye, being watched 24/7, the world criticizing how you raise your kids, possible post-partnum depression, your management trying to control you, never having any private/alone time, your ex-husband leaching off you, struggling with addiction, while a paparazzo takes advantage of you, manipulates and drugs you, keeps you isolated from your family, while trying to keep your kids while everyone wants to take them away from you. Maybe she was going through a really tough time in 2010, but I'm sorry, nothing can compare to that.
  9. omg the cabaret version of BOMT is too good. thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna go listen to it.
  10. Wasn't Femme Fatale kinda similar to this though? The booklet? I mean not exact, but a similar Victorian/royal/vintage style:
  11. The fact that the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21 is fucking stupid. I can live in my own place, buy lottery tickets, go to strip clubs, buy cigarettes, even going into the army, yet I can't drink alcohol? It pisses me off. I'm considered an adult, but I can't choose what goes in and out of my body? Sorry, I'm just annoyed because I really love to party and I'd love to go out more often on the weekends, but I can't because I'm not 21 and I don't want to spend $100+ on a fake just to get it taken away. Seriously fucking annoying. I need to just join a frat or something
  12. The entire BJ era pretty much flopped, yet Work Bitch has 250,000,000 views on YouTube and seems to be pretty well known by the GP. It didn't even chart that well or that long. Britney did more promo for Make Me and Glory. Make Me fit in very well with what was popular on the radio when it was released. It featured G-Eazy who's very current and "in" right now. And yet, Make Me only has 50,000,000 views, charted much worse, and doesn't seem to be known by anyone. I just don't understand. Theoretically, Make Me should've done as good as WB or better, and yet it did much worse. I just don't understand what made Work Bitch so well known when BJ was technically a worse era and had less promo. I don't get it Can anyone else explain it?