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  1. it's the continuation of the Slumber Party video slay
  2. Katy is annoying me this era, but Swish Swish is a bop. That beat... and Nicki kills it.
  3. I think you're overestimating the influence Nickelodeon has had on her. I'll bet most people have no idea she even came from it. If she's getting judged or criticized, it's for what she's doing today and the fact that she's an attractive female pop singer, not because she was on Nickelodeon.
  4. Omg I remember this. QueenFlopga was infamous during the FF era.
  5. Her personality has changed so much
  6. Did you really just insinuate I'm not a true fan?
  7. Rihanna sounds great, but hearing this immediately made me think how good Britney would've sounded on this. Imagine ITZney on this with her sassy attitude. Anyone agree?
  8. I respect you wanting actual proof, but literally, the evidence is in the album sounds. We don't have more proof in that but you really don't need it. If you're concerned about autotune and vocal effects being what distorted Britney's voice into the "Myah Marie" voice... well, just look at FF. They were highly, highly processed vocals but you can still tell when it's Britney's vocals. This video is great audio proof (which I know isn't what you were wanting) because it shows all the parts that you can just definitely tell aren't Britney. Sure, there's some vocal effects that intentionally distort your voice and make them sound different. But those are more blatant like vox effects. This, you can specifically tell, sounds nothing like Britney. Britney doesn't sing like that. She has never sang like that. I've messed with autotune, melodyne, and other vocal tuning and effects, and even with my voice pitch corrected or changed drastically, you could still tell it was my voice. This is not Britney.
  9. blows my mind people thought this was fat or chunky. you can literally still see her abs and vline.
  10. it's used on reddit a LOT. it has no emotional value for me, other than the fact that i'm tired of seeing it so often.
  11. call me a cheapskate, but i have a hard time justifying buying an album when i already pay for spotify premium and can listen to any album i want. i usually only buy maybe 1-2 albums a year at most, and that's only if i really, really, really, really like them. i love like half of Glory, but I never listen to the other half.
  12. i still need to buy it
  13. "am i the only one?" no, there's 7+ billion people in the world. you're not the only one. sorry, nothing against you personally, this phrase/question just always pisses me off.
  14. she's out of touch. but can't blame her, so am i, but at age 19 lmao. no but, she's just kinda in her own little world. her instagram shows her uniqueness. she doesn't have that fierce, "i'm a sex vixen and i know it," competitive vibe anymore. she just has this happy, innocent, childlike state of mind where she just wants to take care of her kids and be happy in her own little world