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  1. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    I think this excerpt from the Blackout 10-year anniversary article sums it up perfectly:
  2. Sex and partying/clubbing has been a huge theme in music, especially pop music, for some time now. Rap and hip-hop especially have had large themes of sex, partying, and drugs, as well as money/riches.
  3. Sun songs

    It’s a different version of West Coast than the original
  4. Insert a song you are thankful for.

    I literally came here to post this as I’m listening to it right now omg. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs of all time too. It means so much to me.
  5. Britney on new REACT video

    nvm ^^ it's at 7:11 not 8:33. can't edit the post
  6. Britney on new REACT video

    update: another new one 8:33
  7. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    That makes two of us. Arent most adults like this though? They live their own separate lives and occasionally hang out and catch up, but everyone is mainly involved with their career and family and SO?