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  1. this kiss is a bop and you will deal
  2. her energy, movement, and beauty was definitely on point for this. unfortunately, nothing else was lol.
  3. My meet and greet experience

    omg! i made this gif back in like 2011 or 2012. so great to see someone using it
  4. Which Brinni song are you relating to most and why? I need the details For me, it's Mood Ring. "My love is a mood ring: up and down emotions, all these mood swings." Pretty self-explanatory. Can't make up my mind as far as what I want, and I'm constantly changing my mind and feelings.
  5. i'm listening to it again rn. it's a lot worse than i remember...
  6. Britney looks TOO damn good here!

    this is what her face reminds me of here... not sure what fierceness you're seeing lol. I know she's come a LONG way since this, I'm just saying, that's what that picture reminds me of.
  7. yeah she was gorgeous with her untouched face in 2009. then 2010-2012 happened... You guys all act like if she had never touched her face, she would've still looked like primeney. No. She didn't look like primeney for 3 years with her natural face. She looks more "Britney" and more beautiful now than she ever did during those 3 years: I'm so sick of having to reiterate this a million times on this forum
  8. Heard If I'm Dancing in Home Goods today

    I heard Make Me and Slumber Party at my gym when they were released as singles. Those were the good days when I still had hope for the era
  9. Post beautiful pictures of Britney's eyes.

    Can you imagine being Britney, coming on here, and seeing a thread dedicated to your eyes?
  10. her timing in WB is so off now

    I couldn't even tell where she went wrong while watching that. It's ok to make mistakes every once in a while anyway. They're bound to happen. Y'all need to chill out.