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  1. Mouth Theory

    wow those pictures are scary
  2. OMG

    it's like she's being electrocuted but it was cute when she posted that, people thought primeney was back
  3. POP EMERGENCY: BURNS is working on B10!

    he probably likes it because he agrees not bc he's, in fact, working on it Britney said in the French magazine she rather writes for someone else instead of recording her music.
  4. Janet folllows only 15 people on Instagram, and mostly is family and friends Britney is now one of them <3
  5. BURNS is working on B10?

    Work Bitch worst first single? WHAAAT? it was perfection! Make Me is gold too but now is time for a BANGER! I want something like this but even better!
  6. OMG B10 SCRAPPED Someone please translate that whole interview
  7. Ugh, someone just came and talked to me about her weird photos They are making such a big deal tbh
  8. BURNS is working on B10?

    B10 album name revealed: Apple Pie Yes for BURNS in the new album, but no first single pls
  9. Britney Spears Shadow

    I think Xtina is over her bitch days tbh
  10. After that, the presenter said "I haven't heard that Britney Spears song in ten years"
  11. I like it, just didn't like the first one, "I wanna know" I don't think it fits Britney but I really like this song that is similar to Bea:
  12. What award show is this

    VMA 2000 the second one is a photoshoot, not an awards show.
  13. Yeah, so maybe it's because she's jealous.. she would read all the comments on his insta
  14. if they didn't photoshop her face you guys would complain that she looks ugly or not high maintenance for a fashion campaign. she will never win!
  15. So people will not know when they broke up (because she would unfollow him). Remember Charlie?
  16. Stop blaming the photoshop She's not recognize even without makeup, her face changed a lot, she doesn't look like Britney. Accept her new face already. It's not heavily photoshop, the makeup is more remarkable here in this case. The color she used on her lips made it big, her lips are so big now and if you contour it makes it even bigger. This gif here is not photoshopped and you can notice that the picture is not heavily photoshopped, they just soften her skin like they would with every other model.
  17. Now that she's a fashion icon, do you think she will attend Met Gala this year? It will happen on May 7, in NYC, and Rihanna and Donatella Versace will be the hostess, Britney was connected to both of them in the past. The theme this year will be “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. So it's time to Britney debut herself at Met Gala with her boyfriend Sam Asghari! It would be epic and Kenzo would love the promo
  18. Met Gala 2018?

    Yeah but she could change her mind since Britney is now linked to a high fashion brand and been praised @ Vogue.com