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  1. omg her energy during oops tour is incredible, pure fire she didn't care about anything on stage that time, she was dominating every step on that stage like she was doing since she was 5
  2. Worst interview look (video)

  3. Worst interview look (video)

    bad make up
  4. No, Apple Music was there. We need Franceney, they love her a lot too.
  5. rainy or snowy days chilling on the couch taking a nap or even sex <3
  6. britney: i'm tired of people touching me (my hair // i'm tired of this extensions // just cut it off i'm off i'm a mess anyways // people shave heads all the time. people: DRUGS, MANIAC EPISODE, CRAZY, ATTENTION, SHE LOST IT, SHE'S GOING TO DIE, SHE'S SO CRAZY, BIPOLAR DISORDER etc.
  7. dead with the lip sync battle in the beginning on that tv i loved that commercial, so glad tinashe made it! and omg the britney promo is real they are getting her in pieces in every place her marketing team is getting it good she's coming yall that 20 years will be special
  8. no angel, the guy mentioned gimme more first, britney milked it, it doesn't make sense to promote glory.
  9. she's so involved with the Olympics, so cool she's supporting and watching it
  10. Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    i love crawfish tooyummy and not making fun at all queen ships her crawfish from louisiane
  11. Look at this floating, squatting, skinny queen

    is this her natural hair without big extensions? so pretty with less hair