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  1. Adam Rippon talking about Britney

    I'm sorry but who is he? Agree about the Britney thing tho
  2. Mouth Theory

    Ross agree
  3. Calvin is pretty basic but I'm here for this collaboration. Upcoming smash is near.
  4. BURNS is working on B10?

    HIAM is good yes but this song could have been sang by Katy Perry or whoever. It's kinda basic... Make Me... has this Britney touch, this magic, this spark... This song won't age and lol @ G-Eazy saving this song, it's the opposite, still love his part though.
  5. BURNS is working on B10?

    Wrost single was HIAM then WB.
  6. BURNS is working on B10?

    Make Me... is one of her greatest song. We need BURNS!
  7. Call Me By Your Name & Britney Parallels

    More adult based I would say. IKR. They way they went from strangers to lovers was a bit strange. It feels more like a bromance or f.w.b. imo. But cute movie.