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  1. Tinashe Goes For A Joyride On "No Drama" Featuring Offset

    A bit short but enough good.
  2. I wish all celebrities would be dare to talk like her without worrying about political correctness, no matter how unpleasant it may be.
  3. These awards are just geopolitical. Isn't about talent. Not anymore. Look at the Golden Globs this year. 2018 is the year of women, but it is not related to their talents. Unfortunately. The Grammys will regret these mainly male nominations.
  4. Tinashe Teases New Music Video

    The beat is sick
  5. According to some media RedOne has subited a song to FIFA and wants Gaga to sing it. Gaga or not, the artist who has the opportunity to sing 2018 World Cup's anthem will be able to benefit a beautiful exhibition across the globe. I can already see a lot of controversies if RedOne/Gaga are chosen due to the LGBT rights in Russia. A performance is scheduled during the launch event on June 14 in Moscow. Of course it's not official .. and also, FIFA's song are mostly published by Sony (FIFA Partners). So mabye it will be a Britney song ! Who knows ? Who would like to see you sing the anthem of the 2018 World Cup?