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  1. Love this one! This is a lot better imo
  2. Tbh i want an angry britney album

    I wouldn't mind an angry album or a controversial, political album for B10 that covers the pros and cons, her point of view and her sort of running commentary on life, love, sex, family, friendship, business, trust, etc all within an industry of fame, pop culture, trends, celebrity, control, judgement, struggles, betrayal, shadiness and corruption over the past 20 years of her career in the business. One that really goes there as well. In some ways if it were possible to pull that off, it would be quite an interesting album to release on her 20th milestone in the business with everything she's achieved, lost, overcome and continue with in this time of her career. If she can't talk about it in an interview or documentary, have it be present within her 10th studio album. Though of course to do an album like that, I'm sure its quite complex to achieve regarding creative control, label, team, writers and possibly a lot more other stuff we aren't aware of. Its possible if something like that went along, as time would pass it could get watered down a lot, depending on who has the most control over the album. However put Britney in the executive producer chair again with the right producers, then just maybe it could work out if the sound and lyrics are strong enough.
  3. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    I do love the songs Max made for Britney, but I do agree Bloodshy & Avant definitely are the better choice. Bloodshy, Danja and Pharrell would be cool to see on B10 with a few more interesting producers and writers, alongside Britney as a writer too of course.
  4. Does Britney bleach her hair 3 times a month?

    I'd say she's more versatile, because girl can do both and do both well