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  1. I just don't get what's so creative or artistic about the shoot that she's done tbh. I don't usually mind when females go down the explicit or 'break the internet' route here and there, but Nicki seems to go down this route most of the time. One thing I have a problem with sometimes with female artists, is that some don't actually try to be artistic or sexy in any other way other than portraying sex in their photo-shoots. Like its fine to look beautiful, sexy and do some sensual, daring shoots... but to do shoots inspired by a threesome..... why is that so great or artistic? I also don't get why a shoot like that is so celebrated and glorified so much either and why its so wrong to question it and have a different outlook like Eve does. I have to say as well I feel like what she's doing is still very Lil Kim too. We've seen this sh*t before. Don't get why Nicki doesn't go down a more innovative route and completely reinvent what a female rapper can be and actually look like. Really break the rules and do something that is so far and new from what female rappers have done with fashion and image in the past and break the internet that way. She almost always goes with the all 'shock value' and sometimes trashy looks that make it seem like she really doesn't know how else to be relevant in style or sexy in any other way.
  2. They could do a close-up or an extreme close-up on her feet when it begins to happen, so on the screens in the arena and on television it is perfectly visible
  3. Thing is though, there are quite a lot of mainstream pop artists that never really change the subject with their music. I mean its rare that you actually see pop stars doing a Michael Jackson and releasing songs exploring several different subjects throughout their career. I think @PokemonSpears hit the nail on the head with that, if the song is catchy enough, the gp will be feeling Britney just like they have for years. Britney certainly isn't the only artist to stick to one certain subject within her music. I mean even artists like Adele have a very continuous, common theme which is heartbreak and love. Britney's common, continuous theme is love, sex and up-lifting, fun-loving, feel-good party sort of music. If she has gp friendly music, good marketing and promo, the gp will respond well to it I reckon.
  4. Omg that's crazy Honestly though if it were done in an extremely intelligent way, timed well and done in one of her big spectacle performances with hot choreo during her prime... I think it would of stunned people watching at home. I can just imagine her dancing, then spinning and ending it where her shoes are literally melting or dissolving away by the end of the performance. Feels like such an MJ moment omg I can't Seems so unlikely though that it could be done still. Seems too magical to be possible haha!
  5. Unusual, but sounds very interesting and unique. Its always the crazy and unimaginable ideas that seem to become genius, memorable and big staple moments. She probably wanted it to be done in a very creative and artistic way, that actually works on stage and looks amazing. Though I can understand the designer's struggle... I mean its a crazy ass idea... but how would you even pull it off, without any errors as well? Its a shame it couldn't be done somehow, coz I think it could of been truly great if done right and well for an award's performance or something.
  6. Slay tbh Queen is looking hot tamale
  7. Britney mocking herself from Vegas

    Omg I loooooooooooooooove this video!!!! I actually laugh so hard to this video its so fucking silly and funny. She's high as a fucking kite and she couldn't give a flying f**k either its so funny I actually love chaotic. Some fans think its really 'shameful' or 'embarrassing' but I actually thought it was real and unapologetic. So many people at her age drink alcohol, smoke weed and experiment. Though for some reason she was so shamed for it by gp, media and sometimes fans. Kevin wasn't a good decision, but many girls experience getting into a relationship with the wrong guy. I think a lot of it is about just growing up and wanting someone in your life to love, have fun and be free with. Britney seems that type of soul to me, could be wrong, but she just does to me at least. Cute video though