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  1. for b10 vocal producer gonna be Sean Preston
  2. troubleguy

    music Duran Duran - Falling Down

    when it comes to JT, its obvious about our gurl
  3. troubleguy

    event What I am Hoping For This Year & Next!

    i want rebellion with fresh remix and sing it live with sassy attitude at some big awards
  4. troubleguy

    event Teen Choice Awards

    vote for what? we have nothing for last 2 years
  5. troubleguy

    other I just listened to "Oops..." again and I'm blown away

    whel will fans since bj
  6. you can't deny that only male that perfect match is Timberlake
  7. finally the tea is spilled, learn from the mistakes plz
  8. troubleguy

    socialney Wtf? Derrick pic used for Britney

    need to stop with surgery on face..or soon we'll get derrick 2.0
  9. overprotected, my prerogative and sometimes plz