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  1. Are you guys serious? It was a huge success it garnered more than 12 million viewers a week!! That was cause of Britney the next season it couldn’t pass over 6 million, I don’t know about y’all but 12 million is a lot when it comes to tv shows 

  2. 4 hours ago, UKasz.b said:

    WTF?! Are you serious?

    AIWFC is the best Christmas song EVER and nothing will change it. NOTHING!

    My only wish is a cool song, but never be as big as All I Want ... Never ever.

    I didn’t take away from what Mariah accomplish. It can be another big Christmas song it’s room for more wtf? Britney song is really good & a lot of people don’t know of it, so if she did a video & promoted it, it could be big also 

  3. 1 minute ago, car said:

    Yea, I totally agree that the swagger, sasss and that passion has been lost (especially in the latest few legs- definitely agree with you there). I guess, to me, POM (and especially the first few legs of revamped POM), Britney was a much more intense performer (although not at the very moment). 


    But I totally respect what youre sayiing and hear you. I agree that she looks at her own art and thinks about it like she used to...

    :plzney: I agree 

  4. I guess my biggest issue is how she performs even with the revamped it’s like she hold her self back it would be moments she would just slay but lately I don’t even check the performances from the show they’re stale & so not entertaining it’s cringeworthy & I’m not bashing but as a fan since the beginning that’s how I feel I hope she takes time off & just figure out what she wants to do 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Rickey3089 said:

    This should have been the Vmas performance :otears:

    this straight fire I’m having a moment guys I been drinking I miss her :cigney:

    This breakdown sh!t on anything that’s been done in the last four years & that’s no disrespect to the show she’s doing now cause I love the revamped but she got lazy too quick 

  6. 2 minutes ago, car said:

    Honestly, I think the production value of Circus was just a lot more superior. 

    I've seen both Circus and POM and they DO NOT compare. Circus- the audience was like wtf, she was lost in the lights and smoke...In POM, she's actually dancing and killing it. Yes, there have been some weird new moves developed...but its night and day. 

    I don’t see it it’s been some good nights of Pom I won’t lie but the best night from that won’t add up to average night from circus lets be real, if you disagree just look at these videos I post it’s really night & day with  how she perform than till how she performs now, circus to me was primney just tone down