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  1. When was it never unfinished tho? As far we know the song is finish. Britney is dancing in a studio to it while Sean is being push in a stroller. The video is only recorded for a minute so I’m pretty sure it was a full song Britney was dancing too we just didn’t get a full video of her dancing to it 


  2. 44 minutes ago, PoshSpice said:

    Sorry I am a lawyer and I am trying to explain as best as I can. No, c-ship does not determine her a lesser parent. Her 2007 experience on it's own did, but c-ship does not prohibit her from being the main custodian of the minors.

    It doesn’t matter!  if this lady is deem incompetent to take care of herself, she has no rights over her children point blank lawyer or not that’s just common sense, through her C-ship she has joint custody but when it comes to making decisions Kevin is over her, now with all this going on this might work in her favor of letting the personal C-ship go so she has a way to fight Kevin in court :anxiety: