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  1. 37 minutes ago, MM said:

    it's exactly that! lol she has no technique when doing her own makeup

    when done professionally her black makeup looks amazing:



    you should never get dark on the inside of your eyelids bc it doesn't bring out your eyes. bad example:


    makeup can do wonders

    That last pic makes me so sad I don’t want her to look like this :lemmetellu:

  2. I’m not blaming Paris I never said that I said that’s when the sh!t started it was after that night Britney had on the button up shirt with the black tie everything started getting bad before than she was working with Larry than it’s like the party life took control of Paris was such a good friend at time she wouldn’t have been getting out of cars with her Pussycat out :outwithit:

  3. 2 hours ago, Urbanney said:

    You're really gonna try to blame Britney's breakdown on Paris? :mhmsureny:

    Not blaming her but like I said that was the start of her downfall before Paris she wasn’t showing her Pussycat it was Paris who was doing it first than Britney started that crap I don’t care what know body say I was a fan back than sh!t started with Paris 

  4. 1 hour ago, Dark.Knight said:

    i remember when these when posted for the first time, i was thinking "wow i haven't seen these BOMT era pictures, i wonder where they're from". Then i realized they were from the night before :wendycry:

    Now sis if you would've said "in the zone" era I could've been like ok, but she looks nothing like her fist era here :angietea:

  5. 1 hour ago, sarahbbyy said:

    I don't think that is necessarily going to happen if she gets a younger management team. There are plenty of established artists that get promoted in a way that fits their age range and the kinds of things that are far beyond how young artists like Justin Bieber get promoted. They have to be smart enough to know to promote her as an icon and like a new artist that is following trends and trying to get basic but catchy radio hits. 

    One word "Beyoncé" her team is young & flawless & she keeps searching for new talent to make her brand  that much stronger