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  1. Idol come back!!!

    I miss Britney so much I feel like she’s grown into another person I really miss the performer, she has lost her style I even found a performance where her outfit is sh!t but she slayed the stage with so much conviction & sass that we love so much about her, her moves is fluid & you can tell she’s having a good but she also stays in character comeback sis!!! We need you
  2. If y’all read it’s from 92 till now Mj stop making music sometime in the 2000 & madonna & Janet decline on radio when Britney & the others came out like pink & Christina so I can see this being accurate giving the time frame it’s been calculated from
  3. Idol come back!!!

    Sis me too the circus tour was a gem
  4. Idol come back!!!

    I agree
  5. Idol come back!!!

    I guess my biggest issue is how she performs even with the revamped it’s like she hold her self back it would be moments she would just slay but lately I don’t even check the performances from the show they’re stale & so not entertaining it’s cringeworthy & I’m not bashing but as a fan since the beginning that’s how I feel I hope she takes time off & just figure out what she wants to do
  6. Idol come back!!!

    This breakdown sh!t on anything that’s been done in the last four years & that’s no disrespect to the show she’s doing now cause I love the revamped but she got lazy too quick
  7. Idol come back!!!

    I don’t see it it’s been some good nights of Pom I won’t lie but the best night from that won’t add up to average night from circus lets be real, if you disagree just look at these videos I post it’s really night & day with how she perform than till how she performs now, circus to me was primney just tone down
  8. Idol come back!!!

    This should have been the Vmas performance this straight fire I’m having a moment guys I been drinking I miss her
  9. You stole my comment I was just about to say