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  1. Nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Her nose job is good, it looks pretty natural. As for the other stuff.... I think she could have done without it tbh For real though, I wish Britney would just come out and say she had her nose done. It's not a big deal
  2. She's trying to appeal to an urban audience She's gangsta now, she wants to be a Kardashian and date a rapper!
  3. That is awesome! I was tempted to buy it too, but I don't have a record player. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy the cover, someone has to!
  4. Only if the next cover is literally a pile of dog sh!t tbh. Glory cover is a mess on all levels
  5. Who is "everyone" ???? I've literally never heard anyone complain about it before. Cover is flawless & the artwork in the CD booklet is iconic AF
  6. This is like a down graded version of the VMA Britney tribute The only girl I recognize (barely) is the one with the song who sings about masturbating herself.....
  7. This is both disturbing and embarrassing. She's trying so hard to be urban What is this picture supposed to mean? Katy Perry's decapitated head is gonna get gang banged by three black guys?
  8. She is literally the cutest And then she opens her mouth to sing and it's like whoa where's that voice coming from So much passion in her voice
  9. Too late Katy Perry. The B Army is DONE with you
  10. Britney has plenty of songs that are deep, she just isn't a depressed person who constantly bitches and moans about life Artists like Gaga have to bitch and moan every chance they get for attention. Britney can't be bothered
  11. Everyone be like JUSTIN IS A WITCH BURN HA And I'm just like.... over here, waiting for What It's Like To Be Me 2.0
  12. DYWCO had the potential to be a smash hit, the song is BOP you can't deny that But it only would have worked with a proper visual. Also, the choreography would need to be completely changed. Dancing with invisible poles won't cut it.
  13. Damn, Mariah looks younger thank Beyonce. Slay