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    Favourite Britney album:

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    Gimme More

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    Slave 4 U
  1. Oops I Did It Again World Tour

    I remember wanting to go to this tour. I didn't really know the tour dates or anything or she was already done in the states lol.
  2. Make Me and Slumber Party

    They are great tracks even if they weren't "Big Hits". Make Me should have been big.
  3. ...2001

    2001 was an EPIC year for her. We were slayed on a monthly basis. Full on promo for the Britney album, DWAD tour. Everything was just on point. Slave 4 U video was amazing.
  4. Bloodshy & Avant >>> Max Martin...

    It's really a matter of Taste. Toxic is a massive hit which everyone knows is a Britney Spears song. However you really can't disregard : BOMT, Oops, Stronger, Overprotected, If U Seek Amy , 3.
  5. Diplo copied Private Show

    It's a No for me.