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  1. They are in the video. The OP only includes part one as the clip was split for twitter. The full thing is on youtube
  2. Sorry that's your opinion, but I really disagree. I can't watch it and it's the one thing Britney's done that I wouldn't try and defend to the GP. I mean, it's not her fault, but the choreography was awful and she wasn't prepared with it, the outfits were shocking, entire production and organisation of the tour was a mess and the dvd editing made it even worse. I just can't believe that was filmed, and the circus tour wasn't.
  3. Exactly Plus the FFT dvd is so poor - we've only ever actually had one decent, full length tour DVD release
  4. IA Im really not bothered about a few missing props
  5. They don't unfortunately. They have basic one angle footage used for promotion purposes. Not the quality for a DVD release
  6. Three sold out dates in a row, at the O2 arena - Team B take notes I know some of you are sick of POM but it's been almost 5 years of Britney's career and I want hard record of it