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  1. She hasn't used this tone of voice in a long time. Has she? Very flirty, flirty.
  2. Aaaaah. Now I get it. I had to go back and listen to it. Those lines would be especially hard for her to sing live.
  3. Is FF when she who shall not be named was first used on a Britney album?
  4. Just take a minute to talk about "Everybody"

    Same here. The original was amazing BECAUSE it was so dark. Blackout also had a dark vibe, so I've never really understood why they went in such a poppy direction with it.
  5. Now go back and listen to FF and compare the vocals to her live vocals from the other night. Also like night and day. While there are some great songs on FF, it would be easy to see why Britney might begin to feel powerless after learning that Dr. Luke was Executive Producer on it. (But who knows.)
  6. It's not really a conspiracy theory to think that female pop stars are held back from showing their true talents in order to sell records. Try listening to Kesha's latest album, and then go back and listen to her first album. The difference is like night and day.
  7. If anything it was likely a shot at her record company, not at the c-ship.
  8. I think she just didn't "get" what the Carpool Karaoke bit was supposed to be about. Like, why can't Larry prep her before sending her in to do it...or just not do it at all?
  9. She's totally taking a jab at her Team there. That's pure 2007 Britney. And I love it.