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  1. I MISS HER PERSONALITY !!! (video)

    - Brit. May I call you Brit? - You can call me Brit I love that lol and the Jimmy Kimmel interview is my all time fav from hers
  2. How come she looked like primeney here?

    as if she was older or something
  3. How come she looked like primeney here?

    the lips tho... this should've been on GLory's cover and booklet!!! and not that s--t we got.
  4. How happy are you with Britney?

    the least happier
  5. How happy are you with Britney?

    5, exactly in the middle just give me some live vocals at least in the parts that are talking! It's not that hard to read a recipee (work bitch) improve the choreos! no more knee taps or stupd dance moves do better performances, somethin to remember and not like that morning to remember that we all remember but in a bad way. Just care, about your music and what you're saying....you know? It's not "just a song!" It means something! Stop with the Diva, 100% lightning pictures, give us something darker or