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  1. But she's secretly recording new vocals and new choreos for her last POM shows according to Fiebre Britney
  2. as much as I'd love I think if she does a 10 year anniversary performance it should be of a performance that is well remembered in the GP's mind... maybe a BOMT anniversary performance at 2018, that'd be better and no N'sync this time
  3. this shirts look so cheap
  4. whatever.... I'm done with mtv and the vma's every year is the same sh!t
  5. this was an epic moment queen of saying what she wants specially when she was on her truck
  6. when people say PRIMENEY they include all of this performances you know....
  7. close thread now
  8. So you're the ultimate meltdowns maker hum hum hummmmm
  9. so you're FIEBRE BRITNEY?
  10. fiebre reporting britney's working on choreos and vocals while she is just fcking with Sam