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  1. where is Jimmy Fallon though?
  2. too bad the tv media in my country only showed the top 5 here
  3. In my first year of university in a math class they showed britney's face, and talked about the golden number and the perfect proportions of brits face
  4. from all her songs they picked how I roll and KTL? really?
  5. I hate how Slumber Party is underrated

    could have pasted both
  6. That moment she performed OIDIA in Vegas

    she's in a better place now
  7. I messaged Sam Asghari

    We feel you op
  8. we have to be grateful the world didn't watch make me's official video premiere britney and her team knew what they were doing
  9. toxic 2 (but better cuz she had red hair ) was coming