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  1. New IG- Brit and Sam and.... Mozart?

    I wonder who takes these videos.
  2. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    The capacity is 4600 seats for Britney's show.
  3. Britney is enjoying life

    All we ask is that she puts on a good show and acts like she cares about her career. This does not have anything to do what what you have said. She's not even trying with POM anymore and that's messed up because people pay really good money to go see her. POM was her dream ("Come to me, motherfuckers!") so since she has it she should be doing a better job. If she's "miserable" doing this now than she should just retire.
  4. Britney: Piece of Me 10/14/17

    It's like she doesn't know how to dance at all. Honestly, going off of this would anyone call her one of the greatest dancers ever in pop music? Or even a good dancer? These videos are painful because her dancing is absolutely terrible. No live singing and bad dancing. What is the point of seeing Britney live anymore?
  5. Britney: Piece of Me 10/13/17

    When did she get an overbite? What happened to her perfect teeth? I remember her people used to talk about her teeth like they were goals.