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  1. When we see her working out it's normally in a public gym. She normally just does yoga in her at home one, from what I gather on Instagram
  2. How can we even say she barely does things these days. I listen to her music often, almost daily. Come on here a few times a week but not gonna lie I don't Stan hard much as I once did. There really isn't much to Stan for.,.
  3. I would say the gym
  4. We used to get new something almost every year. Exciting stuff. Now it's just the same performances from 10 years ago
  5. Toxic is Britney's Thriller. No one remembers LG BR is Gaga's Thriller
  6. I mean Gaga ripped off of so many ppl during that time. Ppl remember Toxic but not LG even though I love both videos
  7. ITZ deff
  8. They confirmed no new music and she was teaching a kids dance class
  9. Why requests or buy... I mean for real if they care that little about sales. Its a terrible attitude to have and we would never say that if Britney wasn't doing bad
  10. I hope arya kills him
  11. I'm pretty sure they have the artist and it's going too be a rock band