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  1. No one wants her to compete but we want quality. To get quality she has to do decent at least.
  2. I’m not calling you a troll. The twitter person. They know nothing. The one thing confirmed officially he didn’t know about. Right there is red flags
  3. This person is a troll (twitter person) imo I actually went through and looked at his recent posts and the only thing officially confirmed is the thing he didn’t know. So he is reliable
  4. I still don’t trust it tbh Rumors have been true since Glory but there are way too many now and they are all over the place. I get bad vibes. I’m concerned
  5. Spearsfan

    rumor Maybe official announcement is coming

    Now we are getting rumors about confirming rumors of the rumors for the rumors
  6. Nothing is confirmed so we can’t blame them for once
  7. Spearsfan

    rumor (RUMOR) IT'S MARIAH! the feature is Mariah!!

    I like Mariah but I don’t see their voices going together at all. Britney having a song with someone that is known for vocals and range is just a lot of jokes waiting to happen.
  8. Spearsfan

    music Pitbull confirms song with Britney

    As long as we get a solo song and this isn’t on her album...I’ll take it. Pitbull is one of the last ppl I wanted her to collab with
  9. Spearsfan

    tour Let's Argue

    I’ve acknowledged that circus tour had flaws. We all know it did but Britney was still there. I hate when ppl use fft tour to say Pom is good. Fft and bj shouldn’t have happened. I believe money was paid out because for someone else or even Britney (without the breakdown) they would not have a career after those huge messes imo. it was that low of a time. So when ppl use that to act like something is good. I’m just like POM had few but some good moments but just because Britney is more energetic doesn’t mean she is slaying. If anything her mid tempo choreo and execution is way better than faster ones.
  10. As you all say Britney doesn’t care about charts or sales so why should we... i have gone hard every era for her and she barely does nothing. Ill buy the song once and that’s it unless she works harder.
  11. I can’t see Burns doing a kid like song but you never can tell with Britney.
  12. Spearsfan

    music Could Britney be preparing a visual album?

    Sometimes I think some of you are living in a different dimension. We literally got an album with a screen cap, a scrapped video, little promo, two singles, and she won’t let go of Pom.... You think her team are going to be good and Britney not lazy. It’s been a decade we need to expect disappointment and cheap from here on out.
  13. Spearsfan

    exhale New Xtina -- thoughts??

    I actually really like the whole look this era and the album is really good. I honestly really wanted pop Xtina though. I’m sick of r&b. She I do really enjoy it but I miss pop music.
  14. Spearsfan

    tour Let's Argue

    I completely agree with you and the fact ppl don’t see it is astonishing. Like Circus Britney was prime Britney being lazy. But I feel like if given the proper shoes and more choreo it would have been prime Britney. Now she is a totally different person. Even bbma being one of my fav performances it still was different. Like she always looks lost like she can’t remember what’s coming next, so she is thinking about it. While Circus and before she just did it.
  15. I don’t think there is anything. The scenes were for the tour.