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  1. What is the obsession with the FF era lately? Like ppl are too pro it or so hateful to it. FFT is her worse tour. Fun if you were there but it was pretty messy. The GM entrance was great. BU was good. Granted she was wearing that horrible outfit that wasnt pleasing. Also Up n Down slayed Other than that it was a mess and tragic.
  2. It's good producers have standards. When they don't we get Myah in to fix all the vocals and it becomes her album
  3. Don't Cry
  4. I think her show looks good! Obviously it's different from a pop show because I think it's more focused on vocals than props. I bet that person mostly likes props. I like props but her vocals slay
  5. I can't at this place acting like Britney is doing way better than Gaga.
  6. It's been out a week. Ppl are delusional if they think she won't promote more.
  7. Honestly I'm afraid to know what her live voice would be like now. From the cigs to no t training to rarely singing. I wish she would sing but she would have to put in a lot of work. Her strong vocals ended after Britney era so that over 15 yrs ago
  8. The bra and short jeans looked so bad on her. Someone should have told her because all the ppl around me where saying it was flattering.
  9. Maybe something happened between them?
  10. Just thinking this. One has a track record of dating older woman for their money and the other does coke off chicks bodies.
  11. The only way this would make sense is with a promo song but her team isn't that smart
  12. If she cares she would sing live or spent more time in the studio. So I conclude she doesn't care or she isn't aware.
  13. Obviously Baby is bigger. No one is gonna challenge that but FF singles had huge audience for radio. We literally would need a miracle to see those numbers again
  14. All the consistent promo through the year. I mean Britney is as far out of the public eye as you can be. Nothing to hype
  15. The 100 million is impressive for older albums. The new albums that isn't impressive.