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  1. Yeah thanks again though. I'm going to look today but if not I'll probs order it. I literally went through all the candles on their site looking. I was so confused as to why ppl said they found it on there. Random tag
  2. I think it's fun and the performance was actually one of the few non stiff performances tbh honestly the music video reminds me of Katy but it had its moments. PG rumors were actually a fun time with the snippet and behind the scenes. Now we just live in unexcitement world.
  3. Thanks hun. I have to do errands today, so I'm going to look.
  4. Is it ok to a concert by yourself?

    At femme fatale I made friends. This guy dragged his bf along and he didn't like Britney so we were just spazzing together. I was seated next to weirdos though. I think that is the worst part about going alone when there are seats. I'm always by ppl that don't even like the artist. At FFT I was wearing that Hot Topic HIAM shirt. This older nerdy looking man next to me, asked me who I was there for. At Britney's own show, wearing a Britney shirt
  5. I didn't see that part. Thanks so much. So it's like in the women's clothes area?
  6. Thank you. No wonder I couldn't find it in the candle section.
  7. Bionic was amazing. Bad taste can go Both ways babe
  8. She looks aged out because of the hair. Like the darker color makes her look so good
  9. I couldn't even find it online. Do you have a link?
  10. Ppl are acting like spoiled children. Like throwing a tantrum. Celebs are really at an all time low for me. From all the complaining
  11. I still want the candle from target. Has anyone found it?
  12. I don't even think Beyonce's team would pay to have a super bowl ad. The only reason Britney ever had one is because Pepsi forked over the money. If Britney wants to rot in Vegas for years might as well have one huge era now We know this year will just be a lot of Hawaii trips and that's it. B10 probably for Vegas next year
  13. Is it ok to a concert by yourself?

    I've went to all of Britney's shows by myself. I think it's fine but I'm content doing things by myself. I think it depends on each person if they feel comfortable.
  14. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    Honestly touring this year would be dumb. Are we sure it's even a thing?