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  1. Fifth Harmony Announce Indefinite Hiatus

    I bet Ally will be a feature on b10. I see it...
  2. The band fell apart but if you have the lead singer the rest are replaceable most is of the time. So he was basically solo for years but kept the name. FOB went on hiatus for a bit but then came back.
  3. Jamie Spears vs Kevin Federline

    Jaime wants to see those receipts Kevin. How are your other 50 children getting food. Child support is for J&S. So food shouldn’t be coming from those expenses for them.
  4. This whole thing grosses me out. Ppl always wondered why I hated Kevin and this is why. Honestly I even wonder if he loves his sons. Which is a gross thing to say but really he only stepped up as a parent when he saw the chance to get money. The fact he thinks he should get money for his sacrifices...he is a bum that doesn’t work. What sacrifices? You decided to had kids and taking care of them yourself is your duty. I truly believe if Britney was poor he would never see his children at all.
  5. Yahoo article about Britneys new face

    Just because we are fans and accept her new face doesn’t mean no one will notice. My friends like her and back when she was on billboard magazine my friends asked me why she’s looks so different. She didn’t even look that different then. We can’t get angry at ppl when they say something because she did get major work done.
  6. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    I bought five. I see ppl on here hating on buying music but wonder why she flopped Britney and her laziness and her teams poor choices are the major blame but if you didn’t buy the music you are also a flop. Especially if they are hating on music buying supporters and complain about flops
  7. Amazing! I love the songs. Not the biggest fan of the cover though
  8. Photoshop is in everything Onviously there is a difference between v magazine photoshop and some of these pics. Same with the Glory booklet pic They arent just smoothing our her face. It almost looks like they are editing in a 2003 pic with her current face. That doesn’t take away that I really do like most of the Kenzo shoot. It’s just really bizarre to change her that ppl question if it’s really Britney, outside this site
  9. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    Artists still sell millions of singles by ppl buying songs on iTunes. So no it’s not... Maybe if you guys would have bought MM and Glory it wouldn’t have flopped.
  10. Glory PEAKED AT NUMBER 1 on iTunes

    I do. So you didn’t buy Glory, which is why it did bad
  11. Is Camila Cabello bigger than Britney?

    Camilla? The only two that have come close are Taylor and Justin Bieber. Taylor the closest with fame and music
  12. I love the pic with the backpack. Are there just two new pics?
  13. Even if I didn’t know it was Britney already. It’s pretty obvious that’s it Britney by the pics and clips lol They are trying to hide who it is