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  1. Iconic radar horse will live On forever
  2. I don't think they would try that. I think Max with honestly make an appearance. I'm on the fence with him but I can see it
  3. Only song I dislike on Glory.
  4. Yeah Britney looked so nervous during that SMS session. Im the same way, some ppl are really abrasive and I don't know how to handle them.
  5. Is this her new career choice? Move over Derrick Barry
  6. Miley was really intense during Bangerz. I honestly could see them getting a long now. She is more calm and country, Miley Anne
  7. Circus was huge In my heart Glory had the same success
  8. I still love Feed The Wolves
  9. I'm happy for them. I just hope she doesn't disappoint. Other countries are harsher on lipping than the US. Idk what Asia is like but I know Australia will say something. I hope she does at least one new Glory song
  10. It makes sense during BJ which is what my mind went to because Britney obviously didn't cooperate during that era. Glory im torn, I want to believe what Britney says about Glory but I don't feel it. what does Britney's team have to lose. Her music isn't pulling in huge numbers so it's not like releasing a different genre of music would really hurt much.
  11. Honestly sometimes I feel like Britney and her team just want to self sabotage. They do good promo when nothing is out but when the album comes its tragic ideas all around. Same happened before bj they did magazines and Glee getting her name out there but you know how BJ went... Now it seems like they aren't trying at all... nothing to get her name out there. The Asia tour helps in Asia but how about her huge markets?
  12. Well they were around each other during BJ. See when you think about that, it makes much more sense
  13. I just saw a commercial promo on live tv and YouTube ads for Paramore. If they can afford it, team Britney sure can
  14. I rather have them released separately tbh A box set would be no less than $150 Separately ppl can get them over time and won't be ripped off. Older vinyl like Baby-ITZ should be under $20 like all the other vinyls around that time. This is just my opinion because knowing team Britney they will milk fans again that way.