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  1. Gwen Stefani Teases New Christmas Album

    I'm excited!!
  2. Something New

    Like a creepy song. Scary had potential but maybe something darker. There really isn't many songs that play for Halloween. So it would be a good idea to push. Like a thriller but obviously would never touch that. Im dying I need new music from her and Halloween has so much potential.
  3. I loved RH but I'd be down for a change. I need to see this woman live
  4. Something New

    I want a strong era Xmas album New Halloween song Ny main wish: the James Bond song She has done the Super Bowl. Guest or not she was involved.
  5. Lady Gaga postpones Joanne Tour

    I agree it's a real thing, I've heard doctors and such that don't believe it's real. It's a mind game, which is messed up. One of my old coworkers had chronic pain, like Gaga and would have good and bad days. Some things aren't explained or ppl don't want to look into them. Doesn't it have to do with overactive nerves? Idk I can't remember what I all heard about fibromyalgia. I will say I go back and forth with Gaga. Some days I love her and other days annoyed. She is like one of those ppl that cry wolf all the time and when something is real, it's hard to believe them. Which is probably the attitude some feel about her. She needs to try to get healthy but also self reflect a little imo
  6. Lady Gaga postpones Joanne Tour

    I believe she sold well but they uweren't sold out instantly because I wanted to go to the tour and I looked up tickets and the only one sold out the week before the Chicago show (which actually was the one I wanted to attend) was that Chicago show. It directly took you to the resale page. Maybe they were close to selling out or sold out the day of but they deff werent at August 16 Ish. The presale probacly sold out which is why they thought it sold out.
  7. My fav album! Came in here to drag you tbh
  8. Normally not but she should be singing most of her show live so that being used it almost a joke
  9. Primeney would have slayed the SB. At least we got her as a guest
  10. Us. We get nothing now and when we get something it's normally not great
  11. Where are the insiders???

    There is no insiders because there is nothing to know.
  12. Well she slept with ruby rose. She is bisexual, I'm pretty sure. It's not secret neither
  13. Circus was what it was supposed to be. I don't see any passion from her. She mentioned Glory maybe twice.,,that is not passion. Ppl just want to believe Glory was a change but it really wasn't. I agree someone needs to at least be honest with her. She her some bad reviews.
  14. Ppl always are talking about the breakdown because it's interesting. Something Britney has almost lacked ever since. Say she had huge eras all these years ppl probably would have dimmed down on it. Instead they have her caged up in Vegas in the same boring routine for years. Obviously ppl are going to talk about it regardless but not as much if things were handled differently