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    RhysRadar reacted to marioh in Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)   
    Whoever sang this has a terrible voice. 
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    RhysRadar reacted to JustLikeMe in Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)   
    Doesn’t sound anything like mood ring. I think you’re being pranked. 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Complication in Britney unfollowed Brian Friedman on Instagram   
    What kind of petty and desperate cry for attention.
    She's not even following her boyfriend. Brian needs to get over himself... 
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    RhysRadar reacted to ALLEYESONUS! in Britney unfollowed Brian Friedman on Instagram   
    Some people have NO class... They're just embarrassing themselves 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Alexio in Spice Girls Vs. Britney Spears (Peak) ?   
    Oh my. Spice Girls, my early teens... GIRL POWA.
    And i was that little boy into Batman & dinosaurs, but I was just fascinated by these girls.
    1997. The hype around the second album was just insane. 
    I remember how crazy I was when the "Generation Next" Pepsi commercial aired, with that never released track ("Move over")
    Fun fact: I remember asking the Spice Girl POLAROID camera (black, pink & purple) to my parents for my 11th Bday.
    You could add "Girl Power" & co stickers to it. And I got it !!!
    Yeaaaaars later, my parents told me that they knew i was gay because of that Spice Girl camera... 

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    RhysRadar reacted to Dripping For Britney in Spice Girls Vs. Britney Spears (Peak) ?   
    To be fair the spice girls were only together (in the inital period before Geri left) for 2 years and they did SOOO much in those 2 years 
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    RhysRadar reacted to danny1994 in Spice Girls Vs. Britney Spears (Peak) ?   
    The Spice Girls had 9 #1 hits in the UK over the span of 5 years. That’s huge.
    Britney was bigger in the US of course.
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    RhysRadar reacted to BOBIBCFBG in Spice Girls Vs. Britney Spears (Peak) ?   
    The Spice Girls. Britney was huge but the SG were a true phenomenon. 
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    RhysRadar got a reaction from Alex_1991 in The absolute worst of POM   
    in that first slave performance to me it looked like she was probably medicated, something for her anxiety i'm sure.
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    RhysRadar got a reaction from Alex_1991 in The absolute worst of POM   
    Back atcha' doll 
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    RhysRadar reacted to AngelBritney in It's really Myah Jean!   
    I was listening to the lead acapella of Work Bitch and suddenly it's clear to me that no other than our beloved Myah Marie did all the vocals.
    If you compare those vocals to Britneys usual vocals Myahs vocals sound brighter, stronger and you notice that Myah tries very hard to intimitate typical vocal characteristics by Britney.
    Here is a list of the Myah songs on BJ where you can clearly hear her vocals, not Britneys:
    Work Bitch (Lead + BVG)
    Alien (some Lead + BVG)
    Tik Tik Boom (Lead + BVG)
    Body Ache (all Vocals)
    Til It's Gone (Lead + BVG)
    Passenger (some Lead, mainly in the Chorus)
    Chillin ' With You (Lead + BVG)
    Don't Cry (some Lead in Chorus + BVG)
    Brightest Morning Star (mostly Lead + BVG in Chorus)
    Hold On Tight (some Lead + BVG)
    Now That I Found You (Lead + BVG)
    I know this is old stuff to discuss but I have never seen such a list anywhere.
    It was obvious for us that Myah was included on Alien, Body Ache, Til It's Gone and Passenger but would you have guessed that Britneys team released Work Bitch as a single even though it has only Myahs vocals, not Britneys?
    That's why "Britney" sounds so heavily edited on many parts for us when we had a first listen to this album. Heavy autotune, bad production and Britney did record the vocals they needed to mix and master the songs (example lies in the first post of the Alien stems topic). Whenever I listen to Glory or any other Britney album, I can't imagine Myah singing at all because we actually hear Britney.
    I like to listen to Myahs songs every week, I know her voice and how she can use it. On some of her songs she intimitates Britney a little bit without trying too hard (not her intentions) or sounds unusual in some of her songs. Remember when people thought some of Myahs songs were demos sung by Britney?
    If you think otherwise, you can share your thoughts in a good behaviour. No need to insult as it causes only useless posts. We all have the freedom to share our discoveries and opinions.
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    RhysRadar reacted to Andrew338 in People are seriously comparing 2004ney & 2018ney   
    i was just watching it and i thought the same, the attitude is like 50% of it.
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    RhysRadar reacted to Amanda1822 in Surprised Britney - new IG   
    She’s crazy lmao I love her 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Derrick in Surprised Britney - new IG   
    I do like that pink dress.  
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    RhysRadar reacted to Tear the floor up up in this hoodie she wore in 2004?   
    the closest thing I could find was this, sorry!

    maybe try looking through candids of that time?  http://xray.breatheheavy.com/index.php?cat=109
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    RhysRadar reacted to Shadow. in Most ANNOYING songs on Glory   
    It annoys me they fucked up with invitation's chorus and added that stupid effect on her vocals bc i really like the rest of the song. 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Kammunist in Most ANNOYING songs on Glory   
    Clumsy: the drop misses something which makes the songs boring 
    PS: I only hate the chorus 
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    RhysRadar reacted to bchile in Piece Of Me December 19 , 2017. (Choreography changes)   
    This wasn't that bad 
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    RhysRadar reacted to ATWK in Choose the best flop fan moment   
    Until earlier this year, I thought the Onyx Hotel Tour was a residency concert in a hotel called Onyx. 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Dark.Knight in RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!   
    not official unless it comes from fiebre or a pool party 
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    RhysRadar reacted to Andrew338 in Quick message to the new fans   
    Before you bash us for criticizing currentney, imagine what is like for us to watch her perform nowadays after stanning to this

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    RhysRadar got a reaction from Born2Die in [LEAKED! New Vocals] Perfume (Unfinished Demo)   
      this is actually hilarious