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  1. I know just kind of a sad realization *sigh*
  2. I always try to stay positive in here. Yes. she is getting honored at Radio Disney and has the Summer Tour and Piece of Me is finally over. We have gotten since the smash hit I Wanna Go: Criminal (Meh..But good 4th single) Work Bitch (Great Video, Great Song) BUT No Performances, should have been performed at GMA or something just the lame excuse "Piece of me blocked her from doing promo performances" Terrible Britney Jean Album ( A Few good songs in there "Til Its Gone" "Don't Cry" "Hold On Tite" "Now That I Found You") We get an overproduced ballad with a video that was scrapped and diluted for what it was supposed to be from someone britney has worked with for years for "Perfume", again no promo performances, and terrible lip syncing during POM, which seemed like she never wanted to even perform it Then 3rd single rumors for 6 months, before we finally got the Pretty Girls rumor, for a song we were gonna get soon in December we ended up getting over 6 months later and was extremely underwhelming which they should have scrapped and released Liar instead because of the negative press for Iggy Azalea at the time but they went with it anyway and it flopped. After its release we get a BBMA performance that was not really live and from vegas that was lip synced again (not a surprise, not unexpected, but still, with iggy singing "live", is kind of embarrassing.) Then we get Make Me, after months and months of "Soon" "Soon" "Soon" we get another BBMA performance that should have been a promo performance for make me which ended up being pom promo. like all the other promo performances nothing for Glory. Then a few months later we finally get make me then another scrapped video, then slumber party with no promo. Why is she even creating music (and i like that she has been) if she doesnt care to promote it, and doesnt seem to care about it? Its frustrating as a fan. Again still hope for a 3rd single here but there is just so much more that she could have done with minimal effort