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  1. Something was def off during the FF era.
  2. Sam obviously bangs her harder than a South African drum.
  3. So we have to hear this nonsense forever and ever now? Reporters haven't figured it out yet? yet they know Jamie Lynn will be hosting her bachelorette party in her backyard? lol
  4. She had her ups and downs that era. Some costumes looked better than others. The denim shorts and bra did not flatter her....HIAM/3 outfit did...
  5. Every time they write about Britney and Sam they say this ridiculous and inaccurate information. Makes no sense. They filmed the video in late October and were spotted going out already in November. they were seen out together long before that....
  6. And somehow everyone else who talks about Circus Tour says she looked her best then...
  7. Excuse me if I'm wrong but didn't she film the Slumber Party video in October? If she called him five months after that it would be March when they first went out!