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  1. 21 hours ago, Million Billion said:


    Btw, considering Britney has around 30 official music videos I think it would have been better to make a top 10 instead a top 5. Many of our favorites will be excluded. 

    I like that we're only doing 5. It really makes you think, and, in my case, rewatch a bunch of videos.

    My vote:

    1. Slave

    2. Toxic

    3. Oops

    4. Overprotected Remix

    5. Circus

  2. I think in the entire fandom, only Toxic would be considered as the second single that is clearly better than the album lead. 

    I supposed you can make arguments for other comparisons, but I imagine that the MATM-Toxic debate is nearly unanimous. Having said that, I don't really like Womanizer; whereas I do like Circus. But for me, that's the only other second vs lead where I can confidently say I didn't prefer the lead. 

    Oops, Slave, Gimme More, and Make Me, to me, are some of Britney's very best songs. 

  3. On 5/9/2017 at 0:17 PM, button said:

    yeah i'm sure it's the fault of Britney's fans. it's not the no-event video which killed the song's streaming and didn't give a sales boost thus making radio drop it. :lanacackle:

    if anything the petition gave that sh!t video and song the publicity that it didn't get through the original controversial video. but keep making excuses for the mediocrity that Britney and her team present us i guess.

    Oh, please. No one is defending anyone. Britney's produced shitty videos before. MM's official MV is not the first one. What that petition did was create a negative framework through which the video was judged. Do you think the general public would have rejected the video if Britney's own fans weren't already shitting on it before they even got to watch it? Don't act like the fans' incessant whining didn't negatively impact both the video and the song. You don't have to like the video, but the fans didn't have to create a petition against it either. The fact of the matter is we don't get to decide what the video that gets released is. And all this bitching about ONE music video makes people look ridiculously entitled. 

  4. 16 hours ago, mauureee said:

    Make Me is such an amazing song, it's production is a 10/10 :donewithit:

    I love it so much, and  it makes me sad the video ruined it's impact for the gp.

    No, fans whining about it and starting a Change.org petition and never letting sh!t go ruined its impact. It's an amazing song that deserves a better MV, yes, but what really ruined the entire MM experience is how much you assholes griped about the video for weeks. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Borja said:

    Seems the new dates got stuck.

    I don't know why they are doing it so bad, they announce 5 dates little by little and then nothing.

    Like for gods sake, can they do one single thing right? :awkblink:

    Wah, wah, wah. Complain, complain, complain. Fans have been complaining when she stopped touring. Now, she's actually taking to the road, and you people are still complaining. 

  6. 2 hours ago, danny1994 said:

    I have no idea. No one seems to care. It seems like everytime I bump it, a couple hours pass by and no one else posts in it until I bump it again.

    But when britney posts a picture of her doing a yoga pose, it gets everyone's attention. It's confusing.

    Posters here would rather complain about things not doing well rather than actually help. 

  7. We all know that the reason she started Vegas and stopped touring is because she didn't want to have to travel in order to spend more time with her boys. And this was obviously the plan with Britney Jean, when she introduced many songs from the album into POM as soon as it came out. 

    But when Glory was released, she's barely performed any of the songs from the album in POM. It's been four months since Glory came out, and we've seen only three songs performed live. And then she's been performing mini Vegas sets all over the country and in London. And if that's to promote POM, it doesn't make sense to me. Why perform half of POM in these festivals? That's not going to entice people to fly to Vegas. They've already seen half the show, and there are no extra acts.

    I honestly don't know what's happening. This is not meant to criticize the strategy behind these decisions, but I wonder if anyone has any conjectures about what his might all mean. It just seems kinda careless to not gather more buzz for an album when you have a residency with which to do whatever you want. I want to be optimistic and say they're saving those Glory performances for a tour, but it's like asking for a pig to grow wings and fly. 

  8. I'm really happy with this era:

    1. Glory is an incredible album that to me represents some of Brit's best work.

    2. The two singles are fantastic releases. I personally love Make Me, a song I've been listening to pretty consistently since it came out in July. Both songs, considering Britney didn't do full-on promotion, have done solidly on radio. 

    3. Slumber Party MV is undoubtedly in Brit's Top 10 best videos of all time - a great feat for an artist like Britney who has an unbelievable collection of top-level music videos.

    4. She's performing outside Vegas. She's also performing with enthusiasm that we haven't seen in her in many years.

    5. Her interviews are some of the best we've seen post-breakdown. 

    6. She looks happier than she has in so long.

    Anyone else? I reckon these aren't meaningless accomplishments. 

  9. 25 minutes ago, Black_Out said:

    I hope if Brit took anything from working with Tinashe it was her passion to dance. I hope she was able to see some of homegirls work and feed off her energy on set and down the road. She hasn't ever collaborated with another dancer so this should be interesting.

    LOL. She works with talented dancers all the time. They're called her dancers.