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  1. It sounds like a Sia leftover honestly, not impressed! Julia should've given Issues to Britney, that song would've been so good by Brit!
  2. Marina and the Diamonds

    I love her Electra Heart album which was inspired by Britney actually and I loved a few songs on her album Froot......actually I'm A Ruin from that album is possibly my favorite Marina song! I'm excited for her new album, I think she said it was close to being finished.

    I like DYWCO, but I'm glad it wasn't the first or 2nd single because it's nothing new from her....it's a typical Britney track. I like that MM and SP were different from what she normally releases and honestly they are two of my favorite tracks that she has ever done, DYWCO would've made a good 3rd or 4th single though!

    It honestly should've been the final FF single instead of Criminal, it wouldn't have flopped!
  5. Sia Announces ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ Album

    I used to like her, but I'm over her now lol! I think she's super annoying and overrated......the whole not showing her face thing is just ridiculous and honestly disrespectful at this point! I am however intrigued by this album because I love Christmas music so I will be checking it out when it drops!
  6. Ideas for B10

    Producers: Flume Rick Nowels Mark Taylor Cutfather Bloodshy Dem Jointz Brian & Josh Features: None! Over all sound: Kind of like Goldfrapp meets Marina And The Diamonds meets Lana and Dumblonde.......something very different for Britney/artsy and mature! At least 3 singles with 3 amazing videos A decent amount of promo but nothing too crazy