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  1. This!
  2. I think she gets bored tbh and towards the end of a tour or POM she's just going through the motions. I think for her future tours and residencies they should revamp the show more often! Like with how long the residency has been she should by this point be doing 90% different songs than when it started.....like when Glory was released they should've added the majority of it to the show with a few hits sprinkled in!
  3. The album is amazing, if RCA had planned it's release better and the original MM video hadn't been canned (which I still believe is their fault) I think the album would've made a bigger impact! A third single would've helped as well! Also I don't mind the album cover, I never have.....however I have to say it does look better digitally then it does physically.
  4. Yeah I mean I could honestly care less about charts at my age because in the grand scheme of things it's not that important and the charts are a huge joke now anyways! To me what's more important now is the quality of the music!
  5. I believe she actually wrote Don'y Cry, Hold On Tight, some parts of Perfume, WB, and it was confirmed by Sia's manager that she wrote BMS. Songs that are maybes for me are Alien and Chillin With You.......other than those I don't think she wrote any of the other songs!
  6. The fake writing credits on BJ are Will.I.Am and RCA's doing as a form of damage control when they decided to revamp the album but had to still make it seem personal. Her writing credits before and after are legit.....many writers pre-BJ commented on how she never demanded credits if she didn't actually write anything. I never heard of her hating the song, the only song I remember there being a rumor about her hating was Sometimes!
  7. and I'm not impressed!
  8. Life's About To Get Good, was a bad first single choice tbh......she should've done Swinging With My Eyes Closed or Poor Me! Also I think you prob think Poor Me sounds more current because it's not really Country sounding at all!
  9. Yes, I have at least 2 versions of each album!
  10. I mean I'm older now too, I'm 29 and while I certainly don't have as much time to devote to Britney I would never/could never give her up.......she'll always till the end of time be my favorite artist.......I just won't be able to always catch everything she does, which is why I'm not super upset that she's slowed things down at this stage of her career! Amen to this!