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  1. Would you be here for an 80's inspired album?

    I would love for Britney to do a retro vibed album with both 80's and early 90's influences....kinda like Bruno Mars' last album!
  2. Next Album/Era Concept: Post Yours

    Title: X Cover: Britney naked covered in different colors of paint Sound: Artsy/personal/alternative/edgy kind of like Goldfrapp meets Dumblonde meets Marina and the Diamonds with songs like ATWK, HOE, Mannequin, Red Is The Color, If I'm Dancing etc Artsy/edgy/different visuals in terms of promo shots and music videos
  3. 90's House Inspired Album

    I want something kind of artsy fartsy/alternative dance for B10 tbh like Goldfrapp meets Dumblonde but obviously with a Britney twist!
  4. Amanda - Everybody Doesn't, But Could Britney?

    The power of Britney's influence was and is so real.....this song is proof.....this song/this chick is a really bad attempt at trying to be like her!
  5. The Single That Could Have Been

    Gasoline is such a filler tbh! Also I know everyone always brings up Breathe On Me when it comes to singles that should've been and while I love that song to pieces and think it's one of the best songs she's ever done.....I do not think it would have fared well on radio especially back in 2004. Songs that could've been great singles: Lonely And Then We Kiss (Drop Dead) Beautiful Up N Down If I'm Dancing