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  1. I think Shadow and Everytime are on the same leve tbh, they're both hands down her best ballads! I don't think Shadow is underrated because it is quite popular among fans.....I think when Logan what's his name did that ITZ poll it was ranked top 5!
  2. Overrated: Get Back (it's garbage), Get Naked, Liar, Criminal, Boys, Inside Out, Mood Ring, Work Bitch Underrated: Let Me Be, Trouble For Me, Trouble, Lace And Leather, Email My Heart, You Got It All, That's Where You Take Me Let Me Be I think is hands down her most underrated song ever, it's so good but gets completely forgotten!
  3. Beyoncé SUCKS

    But honestly Beyonce's dancing is nothing special, it's mostly pu$$y pops and shimmying, Beyonce barely even sings anymore tbh....it's mostly yelling now! It's not as if Britney constantly fakes writing credits, that has only happened once on BJ and that was probably RCA or Will.I.Am's doing because they had to make the album still seem personal.....plus not all of the credits on BJ are fake some of them are actually legit like BMS, HOT, etc.
  4. I'm sure the artist gets some help with production costs from Pepsi who is the sponsor, but it's interesting that the artist essentially has to pay the NFL i'm assuming to do it in the first place. I'm actually shocked that when Britney had a contract with Pepsi, she never did the SB because I think even back then Pepsi was the sponsor, I'm assuming having to pay for it is why Britney doesn't do it now.....I'm sure that's why a lot of artists haven't done it and why in recent years there seems to be a lack of variety!