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    exhale can she make a major comeback

    That's it . That is allllll we every wanted and britney needed and needs and all her team needs to aim for .
  2. That's your choice . Im boycotting every apple product there is after Friday . Including apple music and apple cider vinegar ( even though it's a natural weight loss remedy)
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    Depending on how many she does during "make me" . Multiplied by make me's MV youtube views and divided by Glory U.S first week sales
  4. summer2summer

    event My early meltdown

    Im going to be really busy with work as of next week , so when everything turns out to be a hoax and the love me down writer turns out that he's got a deal with Apple music or is opening a new fruits shop i probably won't have time to come in and put in my 2 cents in the meltdowns . So allow me to have an early meltdow n and you can join me if you like or drag me idc Here goes : IM f**kin DONE . SHITTY CHOREO ...NO ENERGY ....MAKE ME VIDEO ...NO THIRD SINGLE ....NO OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO ... NO GIMME MORE VIDEO ... NO FAMOS SURPRISE ....NO GAGA COLLAB .....KNEE SNAPPED .....NO ONYX HOTEL TOUR CONTINUATION ...NO CIRCUS TOUR DVD ....NOT EVEN A SHITTY POM DVD .....EVEN HER CONSTUMES ARE FROM f**kin KMART AND ALI EXPRESS AND NOW THIS???????? I CANT EVEN WITH sh!tney AND HER TEAM Part 2 coming soon ...just need to remember the things her team and her screwed up and screwed us over with
  5. summer2summer

    event My early meltdown

    Who wouldn't be a mess when Britney's team exists for a year and a half i heard a wisper everyday before i slept going " it just didn't work"
  6. My snack of choice is a big Red apple and apple cider for the drink
  7. summer2summer


    I swear i'd pay thousands to wittness that that would ACTUALLY make the show interesting . Imagine when she burns the pie like 3 times and makes funny faces apolagizng to the audience