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  1. everyone should just be able to age in grace but I won't hold it against someone in this day and age
  2. rawbrit

    music #B10 Title

    wouldn't mind this at all
  3. rawbrit

    other 20,1M

    Very silent indeed glad im not the only one who noticed.
  4. rawbrit

    tour She HAS to be rehearsing

  5. rawbrit

    exhale KFed is on Cameo

    oh wow.gif
  6. can't wait to find out f**k me up with those volcanic vocals kween
  7. rawbrit

    other Just post an interview here

    this one feels surreal looking back
  8. when we get the confirmations this place will explode like apple crumble
  9. the longer the wait the sweeter the fruit I guess idk
  10. Im glad im not the only one who noticed that bit I still think she's fearless tho, in many ways
  11. rawbrit

    other Time for some positivity...

    loved the sass/cleverness on if you seek amy also, THE DEPTH OF HIAM, such an underrated gem