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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/pop-industry-awash-authenticity-kesha-has-triumphed-presenting/ Changing direction is a risk for pop stars – and you can double that risk if you happen to be a pop star who is also a woman in a world where men still dominate the charts. So it’s no small feat for Katy Perry to have discovered politics and minimalist R'n'B; for Lady Gaga to have gone soft-rock or Britney Spears to release an album that was actually good. Decent reviews didn’t help Gaga’s Joanneor Spears’s Glory make much impact on the UK Top 40 either. Going by chart figures, Bradley Walsh is a bigger pop star than Britney right now. Spears at least managed to sidestep the one major trend currently blighting pop music: the search for “authenticity”, which too often translates to lecturing us on being “woke” (or socially conscious) or using more acoustic guitar than is really ever necessary.