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  1. Make Me went to #1 so. Yeah.
  2. Justin Timberlake doesn’t have children in school (does he even have children period?), he doesn’t love his boring BASIC wife, and he loves touring for the sole purpose of fucking groupies and being a jackass on the road. Yeah, it wouldn’t make sense at all for him to live in a stable environment because he’s not stable nor does he want to be. Obsessed ventriloquist dummy looking ass.
  3. Where is this shoot from?

    That hairstyle is cute af on her. I wish she gave a sh!t about her hair lmao.
  4. Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

    I don’t believe things are “random”. I think she was supposed to headline the following year and probably pulled out.
  5. Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

    Remember that random commercial she had like 2 years ago? Like I’m still confused what that was about?