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  1. It's so iconic though. Everyone knows the "heart" dance.
  2. He and Willie Gomez should date.
  3. How do y'all notice this sh!t? Like apparently she deleted the POM link in her bio and the stans clocked it immediately... the question is why and how
  4. Cackling at the ones in denial This isn't even debatable lmao
  5. After the Justin breakup.
  6. With good choreography, a strong single, and a new costume designer... Yes. And Karen Kwak has to come back too. Keep RCA far away.
  7. She's weird bc she says the Oops choreo is cheesy But in I Am Britney Jean, she said "the more cheese the better" So which is it, Godney?
  8. The timing isn't right for anything new rn. I want a 20th anniversary album. BUT we can always pray for Better feat Justin Bieber to finally come to fruition in the meantime for easy #1 slayage!