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  1. Yeah, it would have to be the release of Britney Jean. Everything else was going to be inevitable, X Factor (she wanted to do it), the lackluster dancing during the FF era, but Britney has NEVER, EVER failed to deliver musically until Britney Jean. Not to mention she is barely on the album and has someone else singing a lot of it. So, that was just out of laziness. A true stain on her otherwise perfect discography. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    Ap and still sounds terrible. I cant fucking believe that some people here are so in denial that they think it sounded good. :wyd: 

    I can’t believe you’re taking a cute Instagram video she shot in her house for fun so seriously. 

  3. Definitely the Make Me Video. David Lachapelle is phenomenal and one of my favourite artists. He even turned down Lady Gaga during the ARTPOP era and they're friends. Britney literally pulled him out of retirement for that video. It would have been huge. It would have changed the Glory era big time and would have made it into more of an event. Plus, controversyney

  4. 4 hours ago, DownAndUp said:

    I don’t think we’ve reached THE end but I think the start of the end has began :verycool:

    The "start of the end" happened after the Circus era ended.

    This is how her career will be from now on. New albums with a couple singles and then it will be over with NO word from Britney or her team. Even if she does a new Vegas show, it will be exactly the way things are now. She is a different artist now and I don't know why people still don't get that.

  5. Keri Hilson on the new Fader Magazine interview:


    The songs that we created [“Gimme More,” “Break the Ice,” “Perfect Lover,” “Outta This World”] were very much part of a time where we would get very little of Britney. She did not write on any of the songs that we did — we would create, and I would lay a demo while we awaited her arrival. I’m on the background of everything that we did, just because she wanted to focus on her delivery and her lead vocal. When we played her my demo of “Break the Ice,” she didn’t want to do the back- ground. Honestly, I think she said some- thing like, “it sounds like me anyway.”