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  1. 4 hours ago, DownAndUp said:

    I don’t think we’ve reached THE end but I think the start of the end has began :verycool:

    The "start of the end" happened after the Circus era ended.

    This is how her career will be from now on. New albums with a couple singles and then it will be over with NO word from Britney or her team. Even if she does a new Vegas show, it will be exactly the way things are now. She is a different artist now and I don't know why people still don't get that.

  2. Keri Hilson on the new Fader Magazine interview:


    The songs that we created [“Gimme More,” “Break the Ice,” “Perfect Lover,” “Outta This World”] were very much part of a time where we would get very little of Britney. She did not write on any of the songs that we did — we would create, and I would lay a demo while we awaited her arrival. I’m on the background of everything that we did, just because she wanted to focus on her delivery and her lead vocal. When we played her my demo of “Break the Ice,” she didn’t want to do the back- ground. Honestly, I think she said some- thing like, “it sounds like me anyway.”

  3. It's particularly sad because I just know how much love means to Britney and how badly she wants it. So when I hear the song I imagine her singing it when she's single after breakup after breakup. The song is sad. She sings to an imaginary man who doesn't exist and only sees him in her dreams. "Darkness comes and love comes alive".

  4. Nothing in Britney's career is going to change. She will always lipsync 100% of her shows. She will be lazy some days, energetic in others. This will always be the way it is. She will always have the "I don't have anything to prove" mentality. She is perfectly okay with the amount of people who are her fans right now. She doesn't care if she gains any more and she doesn't care if she loses any. If you are still here right now as a Britney Spears fan, I honestly do not get why you are complaining.

    I've been on this site since 2008 and it's so odd to see the fluctuation in everyone having meltdowns and then people being going back to being okay with her career. ESPECIALLY now. We're coming up to 20 years and it's been 10 years since the breakdown. Britney is not changing now, that's for sure.