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  1. What has Hollywood done to this poor child?
  2. The energy at 1:06
  3. Yes, I'm aware. But I live in the US and we didn't get it.
  4. I can't get over Amnesia. It's so close to being one of the most iconic songs from that album and it wasn't even on the album. #justiciaparaamnesia
  5. I haven't heard her at all since last year. I miss it tbh.
  6. There's a march?
  7. My friends like Toxic. Except one that despises it. And from Glory they're always wanting me to play Just Luv Me or DYWCO?
  8. I feel like it's a drag queen? Her voice be deep af.
  9. Life's too short for midtempos. Make me dance Brit.
  10. They've been the same for a while. She hasn't had too much creativity in costumes for a while
  11. I understand Jordan's journalism getting bashed sometimes, but why his body? That is a nice ass.