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  1. I got Glory on vinyl and...

    Enjoy the slow down jams... it’s like a new version of glory
  2. You act like Britney hasn’t already ruin it with her amazing FFT performances
  3. What if the new project is

    maybe a blu-ray/DVD + Bonus CD with maybe 2 new songs and 2 remixes or something
  4. Rumour Of The Day

    same tbh... maybe we're not his type to text harass
  5. omg imagine... that would be so fucking amazing
  6. If U Seek Amy or Up N Down?

    Up N Down i say fucking jam... I love it so much and I was so fucking excited she performed it even though is a bonus track but.... IF U SEEK AMY is fucking #ICONIC she dragged Megyn Kelly and fake fox news and the double innuendo is on fleek
  7. RUMOR: B10 Coming Out 2018 With A Big Bang?!

    RCA might have those plans but doesn’t mean Britney or her flop team will follow through