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  1. What happened to Glenn Nutley?!

    the army scared him away like they always do that's why Britney does her own makeup now
  2. How have I been sleeping on this track?!

    i disagree... i feel The Answer and Don't Hang Up are more along the lines of Breathe On Me, TOMH, Early mornin'... at least more so than Brave New Girl but at least they got released one way or another
  3. How have I been sleeping on this track?!

    This is the only MATM that matters The one on the album is shitty
  4. How have I been sleeping on this track?!

    Don't Hang Up is a masterpiece along with The Answer... I still don't know how Brave New Girl and the awful MATM Remix made it onto ITZ's tracklist over those two tracks
  5. She needs to do the singles she didn't add to the 1st Hold It Against Me, Radar, Criminal, My Prerogative, Overprotected (this one probably won't happen), Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know, Born To Make You Happy
  6. that's not Toxic's fault... it's Britney and her team
  7. What are we waiting for?

    Gwen asked us that same question years ago and we still can't figure it out

    that was good... nice job! the soundboard kinda sucks because a lot of the vocals are drown out by the live band. I wish they had just released the remixes audio w/out the band
  9. It's like two different people..

    There’s one of this threads every 15 mins like
  10. lol you gave her team too much credit im sure they'll see this thread and call target to buy stock and sell it on britney's e-shop that's cool