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  1. Please Xtina, please !!!!!!!
  2. I really hope this is true. I love Panic ! At The Disco. That would be a dream come true that they are doing a song with Britney <3
  3. Unreleased Elvis Outfit HBO Pic

    This photoshoot is ICONIC indeed. The commercials are so good and as long as I remember, that was the first time we heard the Slave 4 You teaser. She did perform it later at the VMAs. I did not know the outfit got stolen !!!! It would have been so good to see her wearing this. Do you think it was supposed to be for the final song ? Or the opening ?
  4. Everytime Video Thoughts

    I remember when the video was released. Rumors were saying she was supposed to die during the video so there were a lot of gossips about that, about the dark side of Britney. It is one of the best songs and best videos she has done. Musically, the song is just a diamond, I love it !!! And the music video has a story that fits the song. Even though we cannot relate to the superstar thing, we can relate to a relationship that does not go well, where you feel so bad you just want to let it go and even die... I hope she will make a music video as deep as this one in the future.
  5. I was expecting something bitchy but she was nice.
  6. That would be so great to have a Janet Jackson breakdance moment during this Summer POM !!!