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  1. well, I'm gonna be honest, I've downloaded it illegally ! I use Spotify and I don't see the point to subscribe to everything (Tidal, Apple Music etc...). I've been listening to the album yesterday night and today. Sure, the album is well thought but nothing new. It is to me a new Lemonade featuring JayZ. I feel like Beyoncé (and JayZ) is always doing the same thing now. The same flow, the same kinda songs. I really liked the opening song, SUMMER, but the rest... And the music video at the Louvre.......... I just don't like how they are self-centered.
  2. Thank you so much for sharing all this ! I did not know this CD was existing. There is A lot to watch on it
  3. Harlow

    other Xtina on Britney : I would love to see you

    I remember "What's going on" But I meant a real duet, just the two of them
  4. Harlow

    other Xtina on Britney : I would love to see you

    Britney and Xtina on the same song would be my dream come true !!!!!!