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  1. Ricky Martin - Fiebre (NEW SINGLE)

    I knooow
  2. Love it Ricky, tu eres mi receta
  3. Ricky Martin - Fiebre (NEW SINGLE)

    That's why I prefer the solo version But still, Ricky looks very good in the video
  4. Omg, i’ve never noticed that
  5. Ricky Martin - Fiebre (NEW SINGLE)

    Aaaand we have a video! My God! He is getting hotter and hotter with each passing year
  6. Another glitch another drama
  7. New single is coming : they are gearing up we are not worthy
  8. The outfits weren't have been so bad if

    I still wonder how the hell she wanted to perform in the jane the virgin dress
  9. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    If Im Dancing! That song is such a bop
  10. Sometimes hits 100 million views

    I though it had like 60 mln... well done
  11. Tour Poster in Berlin

    I know it’s nothing special but I effin love it slay a bit... promoting a show that is already sold out
  12. Omg I’m at sector 208 as well
  13. Berlin, 6.08 Block 208 - Row: 16
  14. Tour Poster in Berlin

    Well that isn’t much
  15. Tour Poster in Berlin

    It was week ago.. they maybe added 10-20 new tickets from refunds...
  16. Tour Poster in Berlin

    Berlin yes, dunno about monchengladbach..
  17. Britney song in a wedding comercial, NTIFY

    Love it! It could have been edited a bit quicker to match the song's speed but overall well done
  18. Senior quote

    I'm not ashamed of the things that I dream...
  19. Tour Poster in Berlin

    Love it!!! Slay
  20. She needs to promote herself more on Spotify and Apple Music and become streaming force! She has an amazing catalogue of hits known by almost everybody... It's her team's responsibility.. It's like they don't even know that from streaming you still get money On the other hand, it's true, that millenials are using streaming more often and Brit's music usually doesnt stick with them.. And her old fans are playing the songs from CDs or bought on iTunes (me personally signed up to Apple Music after her commercial during Glory era, but still listen to Glory songs downloaded from iTunes purchase - I will have to wait for her new album to get it fully in streaming (and buy physical copy as well :P ). What is also the problem with her, that her albums usually leaks earlier and we fans download them and listen for first week 24/7 but nothing of this counts toward streaming sales. For B10 I'm only waiting for official release to get her the streaming numbers
  21. Never noticed this before (might be reaching)

    Queen of referencing her old choreos