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  1. Well, clearly the gp is the one who's not buying her music lol. She needs to focus on them if she wants to chart next era. If she keeps giving dull performances, watch her next single/album flop again. 

    I loved her attitude, faces, but the choreos were weak, and she couldn't even lipsync correctly. Anyway, I got goosebumps with Work Bitch. 

  2. 1.

    BOMT: Deep in my Heart
    OIDIA: One Kiss From You
    Britney: Cinderella
    ITZ: The Answer
    Circus: Trouble
    FF: How I Roll
    BJ: Till It's Gone
    Glory: What You Need


    BOMT: I Will Be There
    OIDIA: Satisfaction
    Britney: Let Me Be
    ITZ: Outrageous
    BO: Get Back
    Circus: Kill The Lights
    FF: Don't Keep Me Waiting
    BJ: Don't Cry
    Glory: (I only dislike Private Show and Clumsy, and I don't think anyone love those songs).

  3. 21 minutes ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

    All I want to know is that if there’s actually an announcement coming? Cause like wouldn’t she be hyping us up for that if there was actually one coming tonight? Desert Performance 2.0 coming tonight!!!:meltdown:

    No one ever promised an annoucement tonight (only random twitter accounts). Don't get your hopes up. 

  4. 17 hours ago, BabyHotAsIce said:

    So you're telling me Britney's hiring people who have 74 followers on twitter to do her outfits now? where are the standards? 

    Womanizer was produced by The Outsiders, and was a hit. The Outsiders were unknown producers m, no hits on their hands, and look at that smash. You need to believe in new talents.