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  1. Just now, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

    It had potential to be the next Toxic. Oh, what could have been.  :sipney:  :awks:

    Came here to say exactly the same. The song is fire, the lyrics are good, and her vocals are classic Britney vocals. With a sexy music video it could had been big. It's such a pitty she turned it into a "funny" song/performance, doing silly faces and that flop choreo. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Devilish0415 said:

    I don't really understand this forum anymore. It used to be exciting and have opinions good and bad but no one went out of their way to prove that people didn't enjoy seeing a Britney show. 

    No one went out of their way to hate on her so much about the littlest things.

    Fine, you think she's lazy, uninspired and doesn't perform to the best of her abilities and you think her shows are a joke.  That's not a reason to attack her and call her names, or others on this forum, and vise versa for the people who attack others for a negative opinion.

    The insults, threats and more back and forth are so immature and disgusting. People need to grow up, get a life and not take this forum too seriously.

    Whether you enjoy the show or not, everyone should be respectful of everyone's opinions.

    You don't like the show, say so and leave it at that. Don't spend your life trying to convince others that what your opinion is fact and ruin the experience for fans who look forward to seeing her.

    I love you. Bravo!