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  1. 1 minute ago, adrenaliner said:

    Now I need to put in on my speakers while I cook some chicken


    I had to play it too lol. Listening to it right now. 

    'I wanna have me a good time, the bass is feeling nice, its getting bigga, the bass its getting biggahhh!'

  2. 3 minutes ago, adrenaliner said:

    Excuse me, but Big Fat God slays my generic pu$$y 


    They used to play it on a club on my city back in 2011. It was HOT listening to it. The bass was really big, lol. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, carlogiovanni said:

    Is this around the time she recorded Tom's Diner? 

    Btw.. it's a shame she never went back and recorded the bridge Giorgio wanted. It would have totally raised the song, which is already sublime :flawlessbye:

    That song was meant to be recorded in less than half an hour. I can't at her lazyness. 

  4. 2 hours ago, mr-photogenic said:

    According to my understanding and experience talking to music people, when recording a concert and distributing it as DVD/Live Audio CD format, you need to pay another amount of money to the musicians that responsible for the whole show (for royalties and stuff). For example, let say the musician (that produced the remixes with pre-recorded vocals) received US$100k for the whole tour.

    If RCA decided to put the concert on DVD and sell them, the musician need to be paid another US$100k because their works will be used commercially by the label.

    In this case, I believe her label didn't want to fork out more money and pay the musician so they used whatever they have under their copyrights.

    Even though it makes sense, it's just stupid. They made millions of dollars from that tour, it's not like RCA was a small label with low budget lol. 

  5. Just now, RedCarpet said:

    and it made no sense they didnt make pre-recorded vocals for POM :imok: like wtf

    I know right? What bothers me the most is that they don't even have to make her record new vocals. The obviously have all the recording sessions, they can make new versions with them. Like imagine Toxic with the vocals leaked last year? I can't. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Alex_1991 said:

    You're right, check the little changes :) 

    Waaaaaaaaaay better. I mean, I like Criminal, but it would be better this way. Hopefully she will make some changes for the tour. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Mannequin* said:

    vBecause the stage presennce which was almost 0 per cent during those times, was even worse with that globe lasting half of the song hahahaha , that's my opinion tho

    It didn't last that long, that was for the opening night that something went bad. 


  8. 2 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:


    for some reason I enjoyed the 2013 performance more (except the floor part :orangu: ), she definitely seemed less loose but it seemed more fluid

    i read somewhere that it was cuz of the JLo show

    I think it's the fact that she learned that choreo just a few months ago, and she was practicing it almost every day with the choreographers. Even though her energy wasn't the best, she knew it perfectly. I think the last time she rehearsed this choreo with the choreographer was for the revamp, but after that, she lose a lot of steps. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Mannequin* said:

    she was good tho ... but that costume and hair in 2013... I don't know how they let her go on stage like that hahaha

    This, she did parts of the choreo at the beggining that she stopped doing later (like the bend on 'don't meant to trouble ya, I make em bubble up'), and even though she looked like counting steps, the 'choreo' overall looked better. She kinda forgot a lot of the steps with the years, and looks like she never took the time to re-learn them. 

    Her energy, body and face it's millions times better now though.