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  1. Just now, Zephyr. said:

    Thanks bb. All these hos know that they would be looking for Brit in a second if they were in my position.

    I wouldnt. I respect people's privacy. I would love to meet her by surprise at Starbucks or whatever, but I wouldn't go seeking for her. That's beyond creepy.

  2. Just now, Black_Out said:

    I'm working with a radio station doing part time segments. Tonight I was supposed to premiere any two songs of my choice. I chose CYM however they were having a problem downloading my music so I had to go with songs they already had in the system :triggered:

    oh... i see.... 

  3. 4 hours ago, Body ache said:

    I wouldnt say it was ruined, but it was unnecessary. When will they get that we want Blackout quality vocals? Its 2017 vocodor is so over.

    The f**k? Blackout is my favorite album, but let's be real, the vocals are weak as hell. There are thousands of layers to make it sound good.