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  1. [rquote=5850336&tid=368057&author=C_Jay]so ignorant.

    beyonce is collecting artist of the decade award the night truly will belong to bey unless britney pulls out a snake or has an orgy on stage which we know wont happen since she doesnt even take creative risks anymore[/rquote]

    Weren\'t you a FAN/STAN like.. a month ago?

  2. [rquote=4874558&tid=303845&author=Mike.]the thing that made me chuckle was her comments recently about how she always sings live, and this performance was more backing track than Gaga singing. and she was barely dancing, so there shouldnt be an excuse.[/rquote]

    Barely dancing? It was one of her best dance routines ever! She\'s not a gooooooooood dancer, but she did it so well! And she was singing live!

    I\'m not her fan, but she did it good. Anyways Katy performance>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gaga