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  1. On 20/1/2018 at 3:41 AM, Onyx1126 said:

    You’d be surprised.. I’ve worn some that you wouldn’t think would work & I get ppl asking me “holy sh!t, what is that you smell so good” .. I usually just say “I mix up some things & play around” lolol 

    It’s all about your body.. what works with your chemistry.. also.. a lot of Britney’s fragrances spray out with sweet notes but after it settles into the skin it’s the bottom notes that take over & a lot of her bottom notes are warm, musk & wood. 

    That was a good answer!

  2. 5 minutes ago, Alexanda said:

    Womanizer is Britney only, according to the credits, but like 3 britneys singing, try to do an audio where it all is all like not at the same time like for milliseconds, you will get the same results, it's not like magic. The "male"-part is her pitched down. :outwithit:

    That's for the verses. On the "womanizer, woma, womanizer" part there are background vocals that are higher than Britney's vocals tbh. When you listen to the final version compared to the lead vocals from Britney the difference is too big. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Pinky98 said:

    I 100% feel like It Should Be Easy was screaming to be a single. WB was the perfect first single, then ISBE, then Alien, then Passenger, then Perfume as the 5th and last single :wigsnatched:

    Change ISBE for Till It's Gone and I agree with every other single choice. 

  4. 50 minutes ago, G-unit said:

    Omg here we go.


     And y’all do realize there are vocals on “Blackout” and “In the Zone” that...GASP...aren’t Britney, right?  Let’s talk about “Early Mornin”, “Get Naked”, “Hot as Ice”, “Piece of Me” and God only knows what else on Blackout since it was so heavily engaged with vocal effects.  You all act like this is all some new thing, when it’s really been quite common.  Stop letting one sh!t album ruin everything.  Btw CE is all Britney.


  5. 1 minute ago, PokemonSpears said:

    lol :tiffcackle:


    that's why people like you then shouldn't pay attention to online rumors, because as long as there is no official confirmation, they keep being just that, rumors. Even if there WAS a plan of doing something and got scrapped, if they didn't officially say anything, it's not their fault that you were "getting your hopes up" for nothing. 

    Even the original MM video for example, they did show pictures of her on set, but they never leaked those clips we got, so we weren't actually supposed to know about it. We're not supposed to know about all those rumors, no matter how true they are. 

    You may have the right to be mad at them, because of the lack of new music/singles/videos/performances, etc. I mean, someone that isn't the forums, the last thing that would know about Britney is Slumber Party, then nothing until the NYE performance and that she just ended her Vegas residency. That would bore anyone. 

    I would be pissed if they were like "oh, wait for the new single next month" and the next month came and they didn't release anything, because they're actually promising something they're not doing, like Christina Aguilera and her never coming album.

    You have all the rights to be done with Britney, but that's because you're just simply not interested in the way she's handling her carreer currently, but they're not to blame.

    I repeat it all the time in here, all of you that don't like or can't stand what she does or doesn't do nowadays, shouldn't be afraid to just  stay with the good memories, the things you really liked from her in the past, and forget about what she does now or she'll do in the future, because things will most likely get downhill from here. If by any mircale she releases something extraordinary again, you can be sure you'll get to know about it, you won't miss a thing.


  6. I honestly don't think you've been a fan for that long if you're dissapointed now with the things you said. It has always been like that. There were even bigger rumors years ago that were never confirmed or denied by her team. She JUST finished the residency, it's obvious she's not ready to announce anything, she's relaxing. Rumors for Piece of Me were online for 7 or 8 months before the official annoucement was made. She teased a 'secret project' to keep us interested, but she never said anything about a date. It could be ANYTIME, later today, tomorrow, one month from now, or even 6 months. 

    Just let the girl have a good time. I'm the first one to say she has been lazy, she needs better choreos or to sing live, but right now it's rest time. She needs time to think about everything, spend with her family, and then focus on her job again. 

    You need to relax. Period. 


  7. 3 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    I feel like subconsciously some fans want her to be in s bad place so they can excuse her laziness.

    The women did less shows and promo in 4 years than most people work in 1 year. According to producers she is in and out of the studio. She has people who write for her and only put out 4 music videos since 2013. People with part time jobs work more than her. I have no sympathy.

    This is SO accurate.