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  1. 1 hour ago, britneymegamix said:

    Am I the only one to prefer both performances (Womanizer and I'm A Slave 4 U) from Piece Of Me? 

    The fact that she OFFICIALLY executed the original choreography during The Femme Fatale Tour, doesn't mean that was better than a cheap choreography like in the POM show: the truth is that she's able to do these kind of simple moves nowdays, so I prefer seeing her do some steps with a decent energy rather than destroying the original and beautiful choreography... During the Slave's performance in 2011, I was so sad because the difference was more evident than ever... It was hurting me the way she performed that iconic song. :mattafact:

    For Womanizer, don't try, honey: it was SO, SO, SO DAMN BAD! At least today we have the breakdown during the Womanizer's performance, back in 2011 was a nightmare.  :lemmetellu:

    Thank you. 

  2. Femme Fatale all the way. Circus had amazing singles, but as an album it lacked cohesion, the production wasn't good (you're listening to Shattered Glass and then when If U Seek Amy starts, the volume is way lower, and that's a mastering failure). FF is cohesive, the production is flawless, and even though her voice is highly manipulated, it's a perfect dance pop album. 

  3. Just now, Urbanney said:

    My favorite tour of her's and the main one I wish I could've seen live. Huge production, amazing theme, fantastic costumes, best setlist, Britney had a fierce attitude, what's not to love?

    She was promoting Circus and only performed 3 songs from it. Britney had a fierce attitute (debatable) but she barely danced (and don't bring the stupid excuses that was because of the stage, because the stage was made that way so she could walk instead of dance). The worst public interaction she ever had, she barely spoke 3 or 4 words and that would be it. She looked hot at the begining, but she got out of shape after the 1st leg. 

    The Circus Tour was an amazing production, but if we had another person doing whatever Britney was doing you wouldn't notice (even more than right now). 

  4. 4 hours ago, JKW said:

    To be honst: no one knows cause I think its just something never happened and fans just made up. Yeah, she started to look different maybe because of meds, but still: doesnt mean she had a second breakdown. Its just drama that fans would like to believe, cause we all know it feeds them.




    This exactly. 

  5. Just now, maquisl said:

    IDK, both are at the same level to me. Both shows are/were really bad but she's so much better right now. Her energy, even when she's bored and lazy, is 100% better than in FFT. The only good thing about the FFT was the pre-recorded vocals, now we only have the cd tracks :orangu: I hated the FFT choreographies, the one with the frames was like wtf Britney? :wyd: Just to mention one of them, but POM doesn't seem to have any choreography at all lol And the outfits... I think it's 50-50. Both have beautiful and awful outfits.

    And stage... POM. FFT stage was too simple. And I didn't like the props, maybe it was beause of Brit's energy. :ponderney: I used to hate the guitar and I was afraid when I saw it the first time on stage but now it's amazing, one of the best part of the show.

    I don't praise the FFT but if people does maybe it's because POM gets worse and worse everyday. If the next residency is even worse, we all gonna praise POM. :Lshark:


    Shut up, POMney slays your whole entire inexisting life.