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  1. 17 minutes ago, Screamous said:


    britney already recorded S&M (demo). They just mixed it with rihanna’s one. Thats why her voice sounded very raw. 

    Same thing with TTWE, they had kesha on demo. nicki basically jump into the remix because she was opening for the FFT. 


    Nope, Britney recorded the vocals for the S&M remix around March/April 2011, same period of time as Burning Up (used for FF Tour). 

  2. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    Exactly which is what I'm saying maybe she should do. 


    And this is the part where it gets difficult. If she wanted to stop, she could have stopped long ago. But she's clearly 'happy' performing the way she does now. So, going back to my original point, clearly the problem here is Britney, not her management. 

  3. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    But what she is doing is not right to ppl paying a lot to see her. If she wants to continue doing this than she has to pull her weight. 

    Who does everything they want to do... this is life. 

    I wish I could quit my job but I just can't until I find another or win the lottery. It's life. 

    She could stop releasing music and touring right now and she could still live perfectly the rest of her life only from the fragances. She can do whatever she wants and she knows it. She doesn't need to work like you and me. 

  4. Just now, Spearsfan said:

    They refers to Britney and all management. 

    Britney is obviously the most to blame because she is the performer. Her management is to blame as well. If she is lazy because she doesn't want to do anything than they should let her retire.

    If not they need to be honest with her and tell her it's not up to par with standards. 


    Maybe she doesn't want to retire. Maybe she's happy the way she's doing now. I wouldn't want her management to make her do things she doesn't want to do. The problem here is that she's ruining her own legacy, and she seems to be happy with that. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

    They’re probably getting her name out there again. Even if you don’t go to a festival, most people know that Britney will be there. Like in the UK with Glastonbury, V festival. Pretty much everyone knows who’s headlining, it gets advertised on the biggest stations etc, advertised on tv. 

    That way when she releases her new album she won’t be a stale name.

    I see their logic tbh

    Who would pay for a Britney ticket after they see the mess she is now? Sorry, but the only good performances are Work Bitch, Gimme More, and that's pretty much it. GP will get bored as f**k, and I'm not even talking about playback. 

    They need to scrap POM already and create a GOOD show or her career will be done. I'm sorry but it's the true.