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  1. Just now, Alejo. said:

    It's about people thinking ITZ and Blackout were more innovating and there's nothing wrong with that. 

    And it's also a fact :arianabye:

    lol, even thought blackout was my favorite until yesterday, it was timbaland sound mixed with COADF. she reinvented herself with that album, and thats why it was my favorite, but glory is as innovative as blackout or itz. lol. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Draw The Blinds said:

    Can we praise Glory without knocking her other albums, especially some of her best work? :huh:

    It's a messy day for Britney fans good Lord :nyheadache:

    i fucking love ITZ and Blackout, dont get me wrong, I really do!

    But Glory its as innovative as them, they just have nostalgia lol

  3. I keep on reading people saying this album is good but it's not innovative like ITZ or Blackout. They were such amazing albums and new for HER. 

    ITZ sound was all over the place, and for when BO was released Madonna had her Confessions and JT his FSLS, and Blackout is a mix of those 2. 



    Glory remains untouched. bitches bye, the best album of her career just had born.


    1. Invitation vs Till The World Ends

    2. Make Me vs Hold It Against Me

    3. Private Show vs Inside Out

    4. Man On The Moon vs I Wanna Go

    5. Just Luv Me vs How I Roll

    6. Clumsy vs (Drop Dead) Beautiful

    7. Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Seal It With A Kiss

    8. Slumber Party vs Big Fat Bass

    9. Just Like Me vs Trouble For Me

    10. Love Me Down vs Trip To Your Heart

    11. Hard To Forget Ya vs Gasoline

    12. What You Need vs Criminal

    13. Better vs Up N Down

    14. Change Your Mind vs He About To Lose Me

    15. Liar vs Selfish

    16. If I'm Dancing vs Don't Keep Me Waiting

    17. Coupure Électrique vs Scary


    11 Glory

    6 Femme Fatale