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  1. She was working with Hit Boy and a lot of urban/hip hop producers at the end of 2012 and beggining of 2013. Even when will.i.am was already confimed working with her. I'm not really blaming will on the change of direction of this album. 

  2. 4 hours ago, toy soldier. said:

    How did Britney think Keri sounded just like her? :triggered:

    Also, say what you want, but whenever Brit sings something, the song is ALWAYS better! I mean, I know it's a demo but it's boring af

    I love how visionary she is. I mean, you're totally right. The demo sounds boring af, but she knew the song would be fire with her voice. 

    1 Radar
    2 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
    3 Piece of Me
    4 Gimme More
    5 Freakshow
    6 Toy Soldier
    7 Hot As Ice
    8 Perfect Lover
    9 Break the Ice
    10 Outta This World
    11 Heaven On Earth
    12 Get Back
    13 Why Should I Be Sad
    14 Ooh Ooh Baby
    15 Everybody

    Edit: it's sooooooo accurate. 

  4. Do you really think she will retire when she's not even 40? This topic is just so dumb. Since the first rumours about it around 2012/2013, I've never understood how anyone on their minds would think she could retire at this age. She may take breaks, maybe long long breaks, but c'mon, she's so freaking young.