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  1. I'm happy for all those fans (like you) who will be able to see her. I'm not really excited since she's not coming to South America.
  2. IDTS. She was following another direction until Vegas happened and the plans were changed. She was working with urban producers, even will.i.am was aiming for another direction at the begining of 2013. I think the album direction changed after they signed Vegas contract and they started focusing on that instead of the album. By any means I think that album was 'her' work. Blackout (and all the demos from 2006/2007), on the other hand, is a good proof of what she's capable of.
  3. Best Circus Tour Bootlet

    This edit really annoys me. I rather this one:
  4. I would give her total freedom. I would let her follow her heart and do whatever she really feels like doing. I trust her talent, I'm sure she would surprise us all. No limits.
  5. Which lead single has the best lyrics?

    BOMT no doubts.
  6. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    HIR. Never understood the love for IID.
  7. My God, she's such a beautiful woman. I can't help but loving her so much.
  8. I said since Circus era, so of course that doesn't count. That´s on my Top 4. That would be my 2nd favorite.
  9. WHYYYYY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!

    IA. MOTM is probably one of my favorite songs on the last couple of years. It takes me to another place, feelings, IDK how to say it, but I feel perfectly good every time I listen to it.
  10. I love her Slumber Party look however her mouth looks seriously fucked up. I think Ooh La La comes afterwards, and then Work Bitch. Edit: I almost forgot about S&S Remix. IMO, it would be Private Show > S&S Remix > Ooh La La > WB. ♥