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  1. 2008. The Circus era. Shot by Peggy Sirota.
  2. The sad fact you had to pretend she is endorsing your sh!t. Aren’t the ad revenue not enough for you? Greed does not look good on you.
  3. BOMT Blanket

    I agree, it’s like Team Britney wants us to keep remembering her as as teen idol. Larry must be going through a midlife crisis, trying to relive his prime days.
  4. Exactly. You nailed it. I too been in that situation. As a creative, I get very excited on projects and have big ideas but when the client wants to filter you and give you budgets, which I understand but at the same time it waters down your vision and makes you less excited. I mean she looked really excited and I’m sure she loved the original Make Me video but when you’re surrounded by old conservative farts, it’s hard to get them to agree with you. And the label basically just inherited her so they can care less about her, they just wanted her back catalogue which is a gold mine compared to her recent work.
  5. I knew it was too good to be true. I just feel RCA doesn’t really care much about her and her team isn’t helping. The fact they refuse to put out a third single just shows they give no shits. Life as a Britney is not fair sometimes
  6. This hurts so much. I doubt there’s any chance of them working together again.
  7. Is this autograph genuine?

    I don’t think it’s real. Never seen her do a y like that. Also the break in the autograph makes it look iffy
  8. Too bad most of it will go to her village
  9. I think she just needs a good make up artist and lay off her mouth and lips. She’s surrounded by old people with old fashion views, aging? Go under the knife instead of a chemical peel.
  10. Who is in Britneys team?

    What do you mean?