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  1. Wow, you one of those that care about numbers cuz that’s all we got for that era. It was torture, like if you think she doesn’t care now, it was even more obvious during that era. She wasn’t even hiding it, the constant eye rolling, weight fluctuations, the constant terrified or sedated look, etc.

    its funny that you are ok with the mess because we got number ones. I mean it’s not all about success. At least with Glory, she put in more effort and gave out a good album not one that is paint by numbers. 

  2. 12 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    Has she? I only hear her mention Gwen Steffani, she's still stuck in 2005, I guess, coz dat hoe hasn't made any listenable music since her first solo album, I really don't get why she wants to work with her so bad.


    I don’t know, somehow in my head I assume so but she probably didn’t. I used to ship that collab but now Gwen is kinda a flop. She lost her cool.

  3. 23 hours ago, F.a.u.zish said:

    where did you get this info? I know that the earliest pressings of BOMT do have a commercial for an NSync album or something but I never heard about there being any 11 track US pressings with the white cover. The way people told them apart was because it had the peach CD with the purple flower. Though this is all just stuff I've heard over the years.

    It was posted on a fan site about the album and also, it’s true because I have the cd. After learning about it, I sought after the cd, there was a topic on here years ago about it and that’s how I got the idea to look for the cd. Because fans said the one with the white cover would have it.

  4. 3 hours ago, BabyOneMoreTime. said:

    Isn't that the international cover? Or was that supposed to be the cover in the USA too and then they switched?

    I think it’s the international cover but it was the first cover for the US but yeah they switched it to the pink one. Don’t know why. 

  5. But to answer the OP’s question, the blue one is supposed to be the early pressing. Because this was the original album cover:


    Its supposed to contain a hidden track where she introduces the bsb and plays some of their songs.

    So if you found this cd, most likely it’s from the very first pressing. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Pinky98 said:

    Plus the description says only 2,500 copies so they’re misleading customers if they restock... which I’m pretty sure is illegal or against trading regulations or something :imok:

    No it’s true, I wouldn’t say it’s against trading regulations but I’m sure people can sue them from misleading claims. Something people on exhale don’t seem to comprehend.

  7. 2 hours ago, jennyj said:

    To be fair, Britney can still dance.... it's just the choreography wasn't made to cater to her style.  If you look at all her old choreography, they were actually very simple and natural moves, which allowed her and the dancers to focus more on giving more personality to them which made it look more fierce and complicated... whereas now, they all look like they're trying too hard to focus on getting the moves right step-by-step and the timings, so there's no time to serve personality with this type.  This type of choreo might work with certain genre dancers, but definitely not Brit and the majority of her dancers.  Let's also not forget the uncomfortable costumes which keep getting in the way.  I really wish they allowed her to work with her classic choreographers or even allow her to choregraph some herself and just give her some loose and fitted outfits like she used to wear so they can move freely. 


    That’s actually true, her choreography was simple and she did a lot of shimmies or other stuff in between them.