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  1. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    Yeah the people at the shop said she didn’t seem crazy or acted different. She was calm and cool throughout the whole process.
  2. The Title of Britney's next album

    She not a Disney Star
  3. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    The people at the barber shop tried to. No one in the shop wanted to do it so that’s why she took the shears and did it herself. They helped her clean up the cut afterwards though.
  4. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    Actually maybe that was it, because she had done drugs she was afraid of the court drug test. She was sober but the hair still shows the history.
  5. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    Oh oops I forgot about that but still same thing, it was an act of rebellion. She has talked about how she was frustrated with her label and team to get her way so it naturally gonna go this route. Some say she did it because her hair was damaged beyond repair and it was basically starting off on a clean slate but the shop said they donated her hair so yeah...
  6. Why didn’t she shave her head at home? (2007)

    Yeah, the blonde hair represented her as a pop star. Her team was very careful with her image and it was her intention on destroying it. They say that Larry was very meticulous with how she looked right down to the color of her nails.
  7. Demo for Brit - Famous

    Can you imagine if this was actually on the album? Guess what? This is your famos surprise!
  8. My god primeney was literally perfection. I don’t think no other popstars even today comes comes close to her.
  9. Why is always Larry walking like milimeters away from Britney all the time? #overprotected
  10. You know I never thought about it that way but after reading this, I can’t unsee it now.
  11. I’m sure that was Larry’s input. “Camilla is hot right now and Havana is the it sound. You should do your album like that.”
  12. But it’s like 1 out of 10, because if it was bad then she wouldn’t be continuing on for four years. I mean it’s just like circus where she had her good moments and her bad moments. Plus critics said that her show was top notch production wise for a vegas residency. You might not like it but many do, I wasn’t impressed when watching YouTube videos but seeing it in person totally change my attitude and everyone in the crowd was enjoying it even a granny was up on her seat dancing ecstatically.
  13. This question constantly comes up every year yet she’s still here and still winning awards and is still highly regarded. I mean this question suits someone like Xtina.
  14. I don’t think it’s th matter of being boring, I mean throughout the years she’s always doing acapella renditions randomly with vocal runs. I mean Jive is an urban label but when the pop craze started picking up, they changed her style and they found out she can dance, that’s like a plus. I’m sure she enjoyed dancing but I feel like from the start she’s always wanted to be a serious artist which is why she clashed with her label so many times. I mean she thought bombastic love was juvenile and silly. I think she thought that if she paid her dues that she will eventually get to do what she really wants. They were just lucky that she had a performing arts background and was athletically fit. plus she sign a contract with them with intentions on doing adult contemporary but like I said they wanted to ride on the pop trend she it’s not like she can say no I won’t do it. She was a new artist and they basically own her. So she’s forced to sing what they want her to sing.
  15. I think it’s her label and team, it’s like “uh we don’t think your voice is right so we’re gonna retrain your voice...” I mean that’s a confidence killer
  16. I agree, Alien lifts my spirits but really? Will.I.Am ? not William Orbit?
  17. Please stop encouraging this relationship.
  18. I feel like they are choose-y with what decisions they allow her to make like stuff that is small or they have no personal interest. I mean that’s what dangerous about the conservatorship because it’s all base on trust and like everyone knows money talks so if she doesn’t agree or against them, they can pull the conservatorship laws to over power her.