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  1. I think as a man, it’s typical to say those things about your one night stand but she was more than that and it was ironic to go on camera to whine about how she broke his heart is so low as she never did that to him. But that’s ok because the world recognizes how vile he is and to be honest, he really isn’t that big of a name compared to her.
  2. Have We Reached the end of her Career?

    Every year this topic comes up yet Britney is still here
  3. Just because you've done research doesn't mean it applies to everyone. I don't want to attack you or get into heated arguements and I apologize if I came down too harsh but I think for you to just say she should just retire if she can't take the heat is ignorant. That was what Larry did to her and was what pissed her off because people around her thought they knew what is best for her. She knows what works for her, why you think she chose to do vegas? It's a great way for her to put herself out there and build up her confidence. Now I'm sure that backfired as now she's bored because her team realizes how much money can be made and to continue it but aside from that, we saw over the years how she is slowly coming out of her shell. She's seen doctors and therapist but we didn't see that much progress compared to putting her in the spotlight and putting herself out there. Some therapist even suggest that the best way to heal is to go back to work. I use Demi and Justin because they claim to have the same anxiety Britney has yet we see Britney still meeting fans and tries to reach out while they use that as an excuse to not have meet and greets or explains their "I don't care" attitude. You can say that it's their job too since fans are what made them.
  4. Haha I'm the one who stays at shitty hotels but it's cool merely because I like to spend the money on other things like souvenirs or eating out since the only time I would be in the room is to sleep. It sounds so cool waking up knowing Hollywood history was made there.
  5. Yeah I hope I can do that someday, I walked past the Roosevelt hotel last time I was there, would love to stay there but heard it's haunted but I guess seeing the ghost of Marilyn Monroe isn't so bad lol
  6. That's a good thing, she shouldn't be chasing trends and finding out what's hot right now because then it's only gonna be hot for a while and phase out. What's wrong with listening to old songs? Lots of artists always bring out old sounds and make it fresh just like fashion is always taking stuff from the past.
  7. I'm sorry but many producers said the opposite. She was truly dedicated to working on the project and at the end of each session, she paid them out of her own pocket. She ended up choosing the final track list. Producers said that she would call them up about ideas she would have or sing into the phone on their message line. Have you not read the many blackout articles posted on here? Blackout was her escape, it kept her busy and kept the paps away from her. and about Will, he actually scrapped all the people she liked except for William Orbit which I'm sure she put her foot down on. She was already working on Britney Jean and had a bunch of producers and songwriters get together for a camp then Will stepped in and cut them all out and got people he liked, many producers were vocal about this on twitter and Britney was far too busy with POM to realize this before it was too late, she doesn't even look that thrilled about the album compared to him at the First Listen party.
  8. True, but then again I stay in like chain hotels like the holiday inn so...
  9. Would you rather

    Seriously Pharrell. She should not even come near to Max anymore or she'll end up with basicness.
  10. The fact you have money to stay there
  11. That's stupid to tell her to just retire. She obviously enjoys what she does and is making an effort to be more personable. She has always been awkward but back then she was better at hiding it. So many celebrities are the same as her but it comes off as a diva. I met Jefferey Star's cousin one time and he said that Jefferey is a recluse and prefers staying at home whenever he can and not talk to anyone. I think you're being a little too harsh because she's trying unlike people like Demi Lavato and Justin Bieber that makes it look like it's such a pain to deal with people and hiding behind the anxiety excuse.
  12. I hate to be bias but Britney made it work, she looks like a hanger for the dress, a cute hanger but still.
  13. Britney Has to hire Ariel Tejada

    I think Melanie is her go to MUA for like the big events and stuff. I like her, she always does very natural make up.