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  1. It’s sold out. Not even on the website no more, it was deeply discounted for about 20 something dollars. I snatched it up right away. Kinda disappointed the tag doesn’t have the britney collection on it but still very nice.
  2. The thing that sets Britney apart is how into it she is. Like she is literally “in the zone” it looks effortless and when she performs, it’s looks like she’s unaware of an audience or camera. I see many popstars try to do the same but like you can tell in their mind they are saying “okay now time to dance, gotta remember the steps, how am I looking?” Which is what is wrong with a lot of artists nowadays, they are too concerned with how they appear or portrayed and Britney wasn’t which is ironic since her career is all base on image. That’s what I love about her, she fully embraced everything, whether it’s silly or sexy, she had no shame and no fucks. I think that’s why she’s so endearing to many just like Madonna. He said it perfectly.
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    other Drake's Management

    She is still relevant enough that people still give a damn about her. If she’s able to hold a residency for four years then that says a lot. It really is her team, not her, I mean it’s not like Larry has a track record of successful clientele so he really only got lucky with Brit. She did some promo for Glory and did appearances so it’s not like she’s sitting at home doing sh!t. If she had a good team, they would know how to utilize her properly, I mean Larry worked her to death in her prime and like now he doesn’t know how to properly balance it out and he’s so outdated on everything and that’s why she’s failing. I mean look, Celine Dion did the song for Deadpool and now she’s considered cool to the younger generation.
  4. Really? Wow I’ve had bad luck with her fragrances like every one of them smells sugary sweet on me, even the popular unisex choice Believe smells mostly of syrup. I have rocker femme, private show and island fantasy and only that smells wearable to me but doesn’t last at all. It’s mind boggling how she doesn’t have a male or unisex fragrance when a lot of celebrities have had one. I have no shame wearing female scents but I don’t want to smell like a bakery.