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  1. You said it better than me. I mean I feel like they are literally this: Despite what people think, I feel she really is trying to grow and explore, Like she’s done making hits and just wants to actually be an artist but her team is concerned with making money.
  2. I am here for it. That is album over worthy. Would love for this to happen but it won’t.
  3. Britney perfume for men?

    All her perfumes are sickly sweet. Although you might getaway with island fantasy, it’s fruity with the watermelon but it’s light enough that it’s not obvious you are wearing a girly fragrance. People say the new sunset fantasy is unisex with its woody notes so I want to check that out.
  4. LOL OMG But yeah I feel she’s bored and uninspired and her team aren’t on the same page as her which is why things are half assed or a mess. They are driven by money and that’s why she hasn’t grown much artistically
  5. I think we can get good dancing from her, she still got it but she’s just uninspired. I feel like if she gets her way, she puts in 100%. She just needs a choreographer that works with her way of dancing because primeney has simple moves but what made them epic was that she had attitude.
  6. I just want her to go bold. Her team keeps making her chase trends and downplaying her sexuality. Like I got excited when Make Me was almost gonna be porno ish. I want her to take risk like that, there’s no reason to make her a Disney tween. She’s a grown ass woman and we need to see a fierce woman that she is. With that said, an edgy style with a hard sound to match. Would love her to have an aggressive almost angry sounding album. It’s time to let out the dark Britney.
  7. Britney could be the new Britney...

    You do realize that those artists do the same thing. They make a big smile splash and then practically disappear for a long time. Cher has made small appearances in small venues and clubs and the GP thinks she’s like dead or something. No one cares for Madonna anymore and she only sells because she has a devoted fan base just like Britney. Like she is far from lazy, she might be poorly managed but it’s not like she sits at home eating Cheetos while taking in millions. People here focus on the negatives but when other celebrities do it to, it’s okay because they sell and do promo. Exhale’s logic astounds me.
  8. Kylie Minogue talks about toxic

    But Toxic was written with Kylie in mind
  9. Do you get excited by new perfume launches?

    They wasted Private Show. It had so much potential to have good flankers but no, they took out what’s unique in PS for the VIP to the same generic fruity scents and then went back to fantasy. Her team sucks!
  10. Can you imagine if they did made a sequel? Like...Satine died so are we gonna like watch Christian drink himself to death for half an hour until some producer read his story and wants to make a movie about his love story just so he can continue to be reminded about how he lost the love of his life
  11. Mood Ring (Early Producer Demo)

    Well if it is true, thank god Britney changed it.
  12. Because she is legally a child? do you not know what a conservatorship is?
  13. Forget super bowl, she should just perform for the next olympics.
  14. I get annoyed about Britney Jean.

    Me too, they seem to work very well together and he is such a nice guy compared to the other Will. I believe Alien is one of the songs that was part of her original vision and she fought hard to keep it on as base on his explanations, Will only wants his friends and associates. They should’ve had Orbit as EP and the album would not only be her most personal but highly critically acclaimed. Will.I.am basically just ignored what Britney wants and just made an album he wanted.
  15. They Played BOMT at NYFW Show

    For some reason I was expecting her face on that dress. Dumb me.