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  1. I mean you can say the same with any hobby, I mean sometimes it’s not even about the art itself. Just like writers are told to just jot down what’s on their mind as a brain excerise, when I did it for writing class, I literally wrote out how I am bored of doing it and that it sucks and is stupid. Not a work of literature but it helps train your mind by literally the act of putting your pen to paper. I have a female friend who works at a stressful high end bank place and she likes to paint to relax, they aren’t works of art and they are literally kid paintings or paint by numbers but it soothes her mind (and she rarely mixes colors too)
  2. New Britney Shirt

    Can we move on from this album? I don’t really like this album or cover that much. I guess BOMT is the epitome of 90s pop but dang. Also, color is super ugly. I’m happy with my UO and target shirts
  3. Yeah it’s kinda what I wanted to say although I’ve been in plenty of bro conversations that involved those topics but yeah totally agree with what you said. The nicki swift video basically summarized him as an all around d-bag and I’m not surprised it’s the reason he isn’t really a ladies man anymore cuz it’s not just Britney he done wrong. I mean what kind of guy that claims he is a mamma’s boy yet go around and talk about women like that? Some say the radio person pressured him into giving the juicy details but even Britney didn’t give in, even though Diane was grilling her and her stammering and vague answers just made her look stupid and uneducated in Diane’s eyes. Obviously he loves being the center of attention which is why he hates being with Britney because she outshined him anywhere they go ( was disrespectful when he rolled his eyes after saying she was a great actress at one of the crossroads premieres, he’s one to talk) I just hope marriage and being a father humbled him, I don’t think he realize how much he scarred her cuz he was able to use the world to vent out his feelings while she had to deal with it eternally and take a beating from the public.
  4. I think as a man, it’s typical to say those things about your one night stand but she was more than that and it was ironic to go on camera to whine about how she broke his heart is so low as she never did that to him. But that’s ok because the world recognizes how vile he is and to be honest, he really isn’t that big of a name compared to her.